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Going to use the prop momentum now....

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I'm sure that like me, most of you had unfinished props going when the big day came and went. Last year I let them get pushed into the background and only started them again late this year. I'm going to leave up my outdoor tarp, and keep going with some of the things I had been in the middle of doing.

I wound up with lots of leftover PVC pieces, and I'm going to whip out some fence sections while I still have the drill press set up. They aren't standard size fence pieces, but I found I needed extra fence sections for crowd control that I would have been glad to have, and I'll build some now. I also have enough 2x4's and plywood to make a few more castle wall sections, so I'll do that also.

Next, I'm going to pre-cut some PVC body frames, match them with the right fittings, and bag them up so they can be taken out for creature building as the mood strikes midwinter.
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WooHoo, Vlad's gonna make PVC frames. Now I won't mess up his precious supply of PVC by cutting it the wrong size. (Hon, I like my frames approx. 5 foot 10) I've already got a few ideas in my head for new creatures for next year.
I wish I still had energy to keep going, but after Halloween set up and tear down, I'm just too pooped to even think about it. The winter months are the ones I waste away on video games and relaxing. It won't be until about February that I get my steam again, and of course, it's too cold and snowy then for me to do anything about it.
I'm just getting rev-ed up to do more prop building. After all the Halloween stuff in October, I'm full of ideas for what to start now. I guess since I didn't really set anything up this year, I'm going to put all my left over Halloween energy into stuff for next year.

Good luck with the fence Vlad!
I hear you Z about being to pooped to even think about more prop building. I myself am going to take a breather to get the house back in order and help Vlad with his many projects. Once winter sets in I will be back down to the prop room working on wire and latex creations and starting up a few new latex heads and hands. I can't decide if I should order another gallon of latex or not. I still have 1/2 a gallon left but once I start working I would hate to run out.
Winter is also a great time to get working on all the LED spots we had planned for this year but ran out of time.
You KNOW you're going to run out of latex, LOL. I hear an "I told you so" coming on, lol.
My brother in law are really pumped to get going on some projects.
I hope to build a MIB with motion detector, axworthy ghost, and new gravestones this year. If I still have time, I might try a stirring witch.
Gonna take a crack at Zombies sign post. I'm thinking of having one point to Unpleasant St.Pembroke MA..From Salinas CA., I haven't calculated the miles yet, but I'm sure it will be an amusing addition. Also got to get christmas-time stuff, like Douglas firs (I might have to use Ebay) and lights. I need to get lanterns for hacking.
I'm glad you guys are still with it. I'll be able to get some work in this weekend for sure. I'm still hoping to be working on the fence sections first. Any leftover PVC goes into making some static dummy frames.
During the winter months I still build props and play video games. I have been playing Dungeon Siege II. Well, the demo. And I am stuck on Pain Killer. Love that game. And someone told me that Serious Sam was coming back with another game. That will be good.
Vlad said:
I'm glad you guys are still with it. I'll be able to get some work in this weekend for sure. I'm still hoping to be working on the fence sections first. Any leftover PVC goes into making some static dummy frames.
Hoo yea! Cemetery fence! Gonna make more of those too..I need more static props..All mine are animated, and I need the contrast..I am jazzed about using Deathlord's PVC dummy frame, with articultaed joints..Wait..that has a fan motor built in..OK so it will be animated too..oh well. I can make some without the fan too. Should I try monster mud? jeez, I wouldn't know where to store it...gimmecoffee gimmeecoffee gimmecoffee
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