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GrandinRoad - Halloween Decor/Props

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Just stumbled upon this site, they have some amazing stuff but the prices are a tad bit too high, IMO.

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I agree, but they've got great pics for ideas. Who needs to buy when we can make.
Definitely some great things, but out of my price range.

And FYI-- I think I saw those haunted pirate skulls at AC Moore. I wanna say they were $10.
Very nicely photographed products but the Witch for $229 looks to be nothing more than the Gemmy that Walmart was selling for $139.
Thanks for the new site, I have not seen it before. I think you are right on some of those prices.
Yeah, they do some great photography, kind of like Martha Stewart's magazine does. If only my house had old wooden walls and torn molding... :(
I liked the ideas also but I can make a scarecrow like they had for tens of dollars instead of $99.
H.House for $ 499 ?????

Holy cow......my H.H. that I got last year at Sam's Club for $199 is going for $ 499 there, now I feel like I stole it........lol.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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