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Grave Gollum Stalkaround just finished

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After the success of last years Death Wraith stalkaround we decided to take it up a notch with a different design. Here is the inspiration:

Here is our finished (mostly) adaptaion:

The actors head is behind the ribs. The skull is operated by one hand, the left hand by another. Originally we wanted to connect the two arms with fishing line so they would both move in opposite directions a la Bear In The Big Blue House. But time ran out.

Movement is awesome with this thing! I'll try to post a video after the weekend.

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very cool! you are gonna have some scared kiddies for sure!
DW, that is GREAT work.... nobody's gonna like having that thing come toward them (which, of course, is what you want!)
Outstanding! Fantastic! Great! ummmm, and a bunch of other superlatives!
I would love to see the inside rig. How did you fabricate the head?

Are you using both stalkarounds at the same time? If so, what are doing with all the quivering, crying, and blubbering kids that are too scared to move in your yard? I imagine the pooper scooper is getting lots of use. LOL

Looks excellent. Can't wait to see it in action.
Love it. Reminds me of the creatures from the movie the Dark Crystal. Hadn't thought of that movie in years.
Thanks for all the kind words! The skull I picked up at Odd Lots this year. it came with a bandana glued to the head. I tore that off and cut off the jaw, built up the brow slightly and repainted.

Here is a picture of the framework. PVC wrapped in Gorilla Tape. Backpack frame. The head is free-floating, attached only to the fabric.

Check out my new post for more picture of the Grave Gollum and other props I have out at our local community haunt.
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OH! And will I use both stalkarounds this year? Of course!! Crying children are music to my ears! BUT, I won't get myself stuck inside the thing so I can't move around and fix things that go wrong. One of my boys buddys will be wearing the beast this year!
I likey Great Job !!! you will have them on the run ,lol
I've never seen anything like that. very creative very cool!!
I'd love to see just a pic of you wearing the under frame.

Also, I'm still waiting for that video. :D
video video
fantastic! Video please! I love making stalk arounds!
Well it's about time to update. My sincerest apologies to those who requested more infor/pics/vids from several months ago. As usual I get so burned out the day after Halloween that I literally throw everything in storage and walk away for a few months. No planning, no websites, nothing.

But now the time has come (a little late this year for personal reasons) to start back into the season.

Here's a pic of the frame work being worn by my son:

And a video of the beast in use:

http://s69.photobucket.com/albums/i60/poorfamily/Grave Gollum/?action=view&current=MOV02776.flv
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NOICE! So how's the head controlled? Your real head seems to be just behind the frame at the top yet the head/face is below that and extends.

Overall, damn fine job DW! Gives me inspiration and an inclination to change costumes for 08 - can we say Troll or Ogre?!
Thanks for the kind words! The head is just lightweight foam attached directly to the fabric on the front of the costume. There is a small hole for the actors hand to reach through and hold a piece of PVC that is great-stuffed up into the base of the skull. The fabric hangs and conceals the opening and the hand. The actors left hand operates the left hand of the monster, the right hand is static. Originally I wanted both hands to move a-la Bear in the Big Blue House, but couldn't get the engineering done in time.

Here's a pic of the wife attaching the head to the fabric:

Another picture in the fog at the haunt:

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Oh yeah, there's going to be some unexpected tinkling at your house this Halloween. Nice work.
Very spooky in action.
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