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Grave stone

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I just got thru modifing a grave stone I bought from walgreens. I cut out the fake flames and filled in the holes with a flicker bulb and socket.
I'm not very electrically or mechanicaly inclined so I mostly just buy premade props and modify them a little to make them more realistic.

Here is a pic. showing the right side with how it come and then the leftside after I installed the flicker bulb and socket.

Here it is finished and the flicker bulbs on.

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nuthin' wrong with modifying bought props.
Looks great!
Looks good.
Not sure how I missed this. Looks great!
You took a store bought and made it your own. I really like it.
Great Job. I like that alot.
Looks great to me.
I've modified many a store bought piece, nice idea and looks good.
nice job rivrat...my favorite thing to do is to take two or three props and and mesh them together to make one that works for me
Great idea. You took a plane tombstone and brought it to life. Kudos to you.

I love those flicker bulbs.
Nice job and you know what, I have the same tombstone! I love the idea! (Do you mind if I use it?)
Very cool ...looks great, makes it pop.
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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