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Graveyard Fence Constructed with Shelving Brackets

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I was inspired by other fences around here to build a modular graveyard fence in 5 sections (3 one one end and 2 on the other side fit the yard). I wanted it to go up easily and come apart for storage yet be confident it would stand for Halloween. So in addition to painting PVC and easily plopping the spindles down through holes in wood, I ran across L-shaped shelving brackets at Home Depot that have a hole in one side but a welded pin on the other (I neded 20 and out of a 24pk 4 were not welded so be cautious of that if you try it). So here's where the group of photos start for that part of the construction so you see what I'm talking about.

The fence itself isn't finished. I had just painted the PVC with Krylon Fusion Ultra Flat black camo last night and will use Rustoleum Painter's Touch flat black on the wood. I'll use ScareFX's patina technique using a drybrush or maybe use a sponge also on some parts with "Delta Ceramcoat brand paint you can get at the craft stores for $1 a bottle. The color was Brown Iron Oxide" if he doesn't mind me sharing that, because his fence sections look awesome. I'll skip the Finials this year but that's a great source on that last ScareFX link. (That makes a fence, two PVC props and fake hands that ScareFX's online instructions have given me confidence to proceed with LOL)

So my fence is not so scary, I'm thinking of putting the round pumpkin lights from Rite-Aid I always liked to light it up. For the past few years I've been surprised how good those look.
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Thanks for the indirect source for the finials; have been looking for something good for quite a while. Just ordered 100. Hopefully Dallas to Montreal doesn't take too long.

Thanks for the plug Fright Zone. :D Let us know how the brackets work out. Seems like a good idea.
Thanks for the instructions, photos and inspiration, ScareFX : )

The shelving brackets work great. Because we were working with crappy wood (hard to find a straight piece of wood at HD or Lowes). We ended up keying each peice. In other words, I label one vertical post "A", and the top horizontal piece "ATL" for A Top Left etc. This way we know it all fits. I'm painting it now, so I'll hammer notches into the wood peices with a hammer and screwdriverto key them. But only I will hold the secret of the key, so to speak LOL. So it's not a modular as it could be, but with shelving pins it could be, if you got good wood and took the time to measure each one exactly. We put a piece of tape on his drill bit so he knew when to stop going into the wood as he drilled for the shelf pins.

Here's another thing I mentioned eslewhere. As an aside, we got 1/2" PVC for my graveyard fence spindles at Lowes. Well, we start cutting it and it's really thick. Turns out more than half of it was labelled "For Drinkling Water". So the OD is the same as regular 1/2" PVC, but the ID is much thicker. Which means I have to make different sized Zombie-F stryrene triangular finials. So point being, you got to be careful what they have on those shelves. dooh!

Zobie-F styrene finials shown here. I got my styrene sheets for $3 at a Hobby Shop that sells HO scale items. The Hobby Lobby didn't know what styrene was or how to pronounce it, but I bet they sell it. To their credit they were the only ones to have the Brown shade of Iron Oxide Acrylic paint for the drybrush patina effect.
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