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green glass paint on a 60w halogen bulb

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Here is a pic of what type bulb I used and the glass paint is from wal-mart .
I used one whole container to cover the bulb ..they are small

This glowed pretty brite for a 60w bulb
this next pic is from 3ft away

6ft away

seems to work well with the glass paint.
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I've done this with small florescent exit light bulbs, too. You can buy single bigger containers for glass paint from Michaels. :D
this may be a good idea for those who were looking for purple spot lights last year...
only thing is,
does that paint chip off due to the heat?
i know it's made for glass, but i would think the bulb would get pretty hot!
it didn't for me FYF, but it may depend on the brand, too.
They do get hot, I melted something that was a bit close to our spot in the graveyard. But it would be worth it to get a purple or other color light that can't be found.
Sorry if I was unclear. heh I meant the paint doesn't burn or flake off from the heat.
sounds like a really good idea.
do you have any brands that worked well for you that you would sugguest?
i might paint a few for next year.
I would like to get more blue into the yard, which is difficult.
Do you think there is a way to mix a lighter color blue to cover a flood
That's really cool! I'm curious about the brand as well and do you think this would work on any type of lightbulb?
Keep in mind I only did this once for a show, but I'd have no problem doing it again. I may do it for my haunt this year. Maybe half and half on a spot lens.

I think it would work on an incandescent light too, because the same principle is involved.

Truthfully, I just used whatever glass paint Michael's had. Don't remember the brand, and I'm not sure it matters. I do remember I had to apply like three coats of it to get as dark a green as I needed, but that means it started off a light color if it helps you Bayou. :D
I think big DUH on my part. Of course you can make it lighter blue by not putting as many coats.
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The type of Glass Paint I've used in the past is by Pébeo and is called Porcelaine 150. It requires baking (you can also air dry) so I can't imagine that the heat of the bulb would be a problem. I purchased it at Michaels. They make the paint in different transparencies, so keep any eye on the labels.

Porcelaine 150
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