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Anyone have any suggestions on how to build one.

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I just made this one yesterday:
I just painted the bottom with the hole, attached the wood for the blade to come down,
and put in some eye hooks for the blade to run down on some string. The blade is
mad of cardboard, painted grey.
Really depends on what you are wanting in the way of a guillotine. I built one for the city I work for a couple of years back, since they were'nt to terribly specific on what they wanted, I did a boat load of research and built them the real deal, 13' tall, 30 pd. carriage & blade on rollers, everything works right down to the last detail. The only deviation was an unsharpened aluminum blade (still take your arm off though). I don't have a picture of it, but I liked it so well that I built an exact minature to scale (1" = 1'). Everything on it works as well, table tilts, neck restraint goes up & down, blade works on trigger release (RAZOR sharp steel blade this time). Even the leather strap works, buckle and all. The full sized one the city uses is only operated by a trained employee and civilians just see it on the drive by (it's in a Haunted Trail). If you Google "Guillotine", there is a bit of information out there. Here's a shot of the mini.
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Well, it will be finished just in time for the haunt. Its a functional Guillotine that will spew blood when the head is cut off the dummy. I used pretty much scrap wood with a few trips to Menards to tweek some things. The blood will be pumped through a water fountain pump. Im stoked!


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I have one we built 4 years ago in my photobucket. It's real easy to make.
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