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Had to happen...

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It could be worse...
But am so swamped with work I can't get to making my haunt props. I'm a graphic designer and work for myself. September garnered enough business to get me through the end of the year (my most successful month as my own company). However - it also means a half dozen design projects (not Halloween!) get started over the next three weeks.

I guess it could be worse. But any one of you would love my basement - I've got haunt stuff in various degrees of "doneness" all over.

So I guess I will pare it back a bit, and continue to watch and enjoy everybody elses progress here as I have over the past 6 weeks. Everyone here amazes me with their level of talent - and there's always a surprise around the corner. I'm not going anywhere - just a tad dissappointed.

That's all. Sucks, but it's all good - it'll make Christmas fun. :p
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Sorry about having to back burner your Halloween projects edwood but congrats on the new business! It's all about balance... you'll just have to fill in your next slow period by completing your projects for the next year.
When there is money to make - make the money!!!!! I'm glad that your business is doing very well. Don't be hard on yourself about the props and trying to get everything done. The props will be there waiting for ya. Don't sweat the small stuff!
Don't let it bother you Tom. You'll still have out more than anyone else nearby, and it's Halloween we're celebrating, not just our own achievements. Relax, do what you can, and enjoy.
I will have fog!

Yeah - I'm as happy about the biz. Thanks!
I feel your pain.... We just moved and our house is a fixer-uper and it needs a LOT of fixing before winter comes. I haven't had an opporunity to work on any of the Halloween projects this year.
More income this year = more and better stuff to create with next year.
There IS a silver lining!
More income this year = more and better stuff to create with next year.
There IS a silver lining!
Couldn't have said it better myself!

Gotta weigh the need vs the want, and as you stated,
the need won over the want!
edwood take some of the extra money and stock up on the after-halloween clearance sales!
I've been there, sort of, 2 years ago I was working 2 jobs totaling around 70 hrs per week. Somehow, I still managed to build a coffin and a creep to go inside. Where there's a will, there's a way I guess.
Ditto.. I was planning a bigger display than last year, but the time just isnt there. My second son was born this year and with a baby and a 4 year old in the house, I just dont have time to dedicate to it. I might decorate a little bit this year. Nothing like last year tho.
Don't feel bad, life happens!

I'm crammed for time now too! This will be a 4 day weekend for me, so I need to do it all up! Only problem is, I have a wedding to go to Saturday and my next weekend off is the 28th which is my party, then it is Halloween, so I have to slam it this weekend or I'm in big trouble!
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