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Hairazor's 2022 Halloween

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Roxy, Sceyedoc and Spooky1 thanks for positive comments and Cat Ghoulie thinks he owns the skulls
Thanks jdubbya, rather like the porch myself
GregG, the skellies like to claim that is their table
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Thanks Bunch o H P. Can't have Halloween without pumpkins
Thanks lewlew, Just flicker flame candles in pumpkins, some lanterns and solar lights; I never have time to do more detailed lighting as I have to, by myself, put up and take down the same day.
Thanks PrettyG, the wagon has skulls and mini solar light cats, skulls and pumpkins. Didn't really get many shots after dark, sorry. The 3 Zombies sang loud and proud
1 - 7 of 15 Posts
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