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I love the gauntlet of skellies on the front walk - only the brave shall pass!

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馃巸Hairazor everything looks amazing! I LOVE all your jack o lanterns, where did you get that huge one? Love it, although the small silly looking jack o lantern, in front, is my favorite. I just really like it. 馃巸 I can't even begin to tell you how much I love your front walk of skeletons (my favorite thing)! I'm going to "borrow" that for next year! Very cool!!!!

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Thanks PrettyG. The huge pumpkin was given to me by my sister who has since passed away, needless to say my most prized Halloween decoration. It has no markings to tell from whence it came. Steal away the skeleton idea. Actually my original goal was to have them standing but circumstances kept me from getting that done so sitting it was, a light of some kind between each ones feet.
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