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Half Way There

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Well, sort of hard to believe but today is the half way point between Halloween 2022 and Halloween 2023!

I've made some progress toward '23:

In some downsizing:

I did sell the big/heavy/'semi-pro' speakers I lugged in/out of storage for the 'one big night' every year. Going to switch over to a few bluetooth speakers for ambient sound this year. I didn't have any huge rumbling bass, so I think the BT speakers will be fine for the general ambient sounds. The downside is that I had envisioned pairing several BT speakers and setting them at various places around the yard. Turns out, outside of 'heroic' efforts, you can only really pair one speaker at a time... or possibly a specially made stereo pair. So will see if I get downsized to only one speaker or come up with something else! lol

Also sold a couple of unused plasma globes. At one point in the past, I though I'd be ambitious and make a set-up to experiment with the various gasses and fills, but that never really came to pass, and now that xenon is running thousands of dollars for even a tiny gas cylinder, I doubt I ever will. Plus, in the years since my original plan, several others have done a bunch of experimentation and discovered essentially all of the 'interesting' gas combinations. So now much easier to just get a pre-filled globe.

Also sold a stack of decorations which never seem to get set out or put up. So yay, a bit more space / clutter removed!

In other work:

I keep thinking I'll make a bit more formal set-up for the controllers on my LED node lights and every year the controller gets screwed to a scrap piece of plywood with wires zip-tied in just the right spots for it all to work. Maybe this year will be the one to actually build a decent set-up!

I also need to do a bit of landscaping. I used to have a row of three juniper bushes which doubled as Halloween / Christmas trees - just change the LED nodes from violet/orange to red/green! But over the past couple of years, the trees have died off one-by-one. So need to look into some replacements or something else which can be decorated in that spot.

Also on the subject of plasma globes, I think my plasmaduino globe lost the battery last year. In typical fashion - everything works great right up until the big night. I had the plasma globe set up as I have for the past few years, and it was working great. At some point in the night, I walked by and it seemed to be barely making any plasma streamers at all and then a bit later it was not 'streaming' at all. Thought maybe a cell had gone bad in the battery...it seems like it has voltage for the general lights, just no power to make streamers. I actually set it back on the shelf and somewhat forgot about it until now - so maybe should take a look!

Things still to do:

I want to try 3D printing a voroni style skull and maybe experimenting with some LED lighting
Automotive tire Bird Terrestrial animal Scaled reptile Ducks, geese and swans

I also need a new planchette for my ouija board, so thinking of trying something more ornate...

Font Art Pattern Symmetry Rectangle

Also hoping to re-work some LED candlesticks and possibly my candelabra.

So guess I better get to working instead of typing!! lol
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Damn, you make me feel like a piker now!:eek::p

We’ve been downsizing slowly for a few years now, mostly in the area of all the “fine detail” type props and accessories, along with a few larger pieces. We have a friend in the area who does up his yard and house for Halloween, so he’s been the happy adopter of our cast-offs.
I'm going in the opposite direction! I have plans to make a total of 9 new headstones for my cemetery. 6 small "filler" ones, 2 dedicated to family vehicles that went to that great junkyard in the sky this past year and one that's going to have a skeleton popping out from behind it - my first moving prop! I'm pretty excited about that one.
Luckily most of my headstones are basically plywood with multiple coats of exterior paint and DryLok, so they're not complicated to make.
The hardest part is coming up with witty epitaphs. 🧐
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Do you have the names and an idea of theme(s) for the stones? Are you painting the text, routing or carving it?
Knowing that stuff makes it easier to help you knowing those things.
Do you have the names and an idea of theme(s) for the stones? Are you painting the text, routing or carving it?
Knowing that stuff makes it easier to help you knowing those things.
The stones are painted plywood so the epitaphs will also be painted. I don’t have an actual theme in regards to epitaphs but the rest are silly ones like “Myra Maines” and “Gil O Teen”, etc. So the difficult part will actually be choosing which of the many funny ones out there I want to use!
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