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HalloWeekends New CarnEvil Skeleton Family Popcorn Wagon Display

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I got a kick out of this one and had to share it. They put a new prop display up in Cedar Point's HalloWeekends CarnEvil outdoor haunted attraction area that might inspire a haunter.

And here's a newspaper article link about the regular full-time employees who get to have fun setting up the areas. Includes a photo of the guys putting this display up. I liked it a little better when the skeletons didn't have wigs and hats. But it's still good. One Mom said the dead cats were a bit much :) Check out the candy coated frogs on a stick.
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nice display, it sure inspired me. thanks for posting the pics.
"...a decorator at Cedar Point, hangs a vine from a giant replica of Audrey, the plant from The Rocky Horror Picture Show..."

Does this reporter know nothing? Audrey II is from the musical Little Shop of Horrors!
:googly: Local reporters know nothing about roller coasters either. I don't think there's a budget for fact checkers :googly:
Thanks FZ
*copied & pasted* to my halloween folder on my desktop!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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