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We'll be setting up a yard haunt as usual. Up until last year, Black Cat would take the kids around TOTing while I handed out the candy, and kept the haunt running. But now the kids are big enough to go off with their friends. Usually, we're open for business after noon for the littlest TOTers, then it slows off until the kids are out of school and dinners over. Then the fun begins. Last year we had 200 TOTers, and with their parents and our friends etc. we had about 350-400 people pass through. We turn off the sound fairly early, but we leave the lights on and stay open usually till 11 at least. We have college kids that leave the parties they're going to and bring their friends here. They remember it all from when they were in grade school. Then I have my own quiet time out in the haunt till about midnight, when I pack up all the expensive stuff. After that, it's inside to settle down with a bucket of candy and watch horror films till I fall asleep. It's the next morning I dread. Tearing it all down and trying to store it, lol.
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