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me and my friends are entering a halloween short movie for a competition the film has to be 10 mins long including credits.
any ideas for film ???
it has to be a horror, suspense, or chiller genre
must include two of the following;
Famous painting
The phrase “…..there’s only one left…”

here are the ideas me and my friend have come up with so far;

Pet graveyard in woods
Kingsnorth/Ashford church
Around park farm
Up the ****


Brain storm;
Famous painting?
The phrase “…..there’s only one left…”
Dead body(s)
One by one death
View of last person into pitch black (sitting on log (scream))

any ideas wil be much appreciated

also how a bout a horror film competition on the forum that would be fun !?!?!?

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Matt I like that idea... and if you want I could help out with any script things.

As for idea's how about just a normal cemetary in the woods and you knock over some stones pissing whatevers out there off?

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A bunch of kids plan thier nightly escapdes in the park as a horse passes by. They decide to go to a museum to discuss the plans and view a famouse painting. The plan is to go to the cemetery and kick over tombstones..( I like that idea, Clay!) and just as they kick the next to the last one over, one kid says to another.."I wish there were more, look! There's only one left, over by that pitchfork!!" He rushes up to kick it, notices there is no name on it, and a hand reaches out from the ground and grabs him by the ankle. Quick cut scenes of him being bloody and badgered and the other kids running away. The name on the stone has the kids name on it now. fade to black.

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Well, you could kill two birds with one stone. American Gothic is a famous painting with a pitchfork.
OK, here's a pitch. A horse goes into an art store to buy two reprints of the American Gothic (famous painting and pitchfork) for his twin brother's birthdays. When he asks the clerk for two, the clerk replies "there's only one left".
"Ahhh!" says the horse (element of horror) "I need two presents"

Sorry, ignore my cheesiness. But the American Gothic does have a pitchfork.

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How are you set for gore content, Halloween props, a barn and which of your buddies are female, if any? I have an idea for you, but it's important I know some things along those lines.
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