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Hello Halloween fiends!

Halloween haunts are done for the season.
But you don't have to loose the Halloween spirit for the other 364 days.
(yes, less as of today, you get the gist)

The Halloween-L and Howl2000, are continuing our annual tradition of creating the original "Official" Halloween-L/Howl & Haunt Community Video Compilation.
Some info has been posted to Halloween-L and Howl, but that doesnt reach everyone.
We know many past submitters to the project are not Halloween-L or Howl members.

Whats needed from you?
Your participation!

Everyone who has any combination of photos, videos, and audio of their haunt of any kind, please submit them for the video compilation.
Last year there were over 100 submissions.

The previous producer Paul Venturella (Propmaster) has passed the torch.
He has chosen to produce different video sets for the HauntX convention and others.

This year Chris O'Dell (p8balls) volunteered his skill & facilities, to make the '06 video.
Many listers have been working feverishly to get the ball rolling.

We have in excess of 20 videos submitted, and more coming each day.
Your submissions will make this compilation bigger and better than ever before.

You can find the details for submitting either electronically (email, browser or FTP client) or snail mail on the website we made specifically for the list(s) video.
The URL is http://www.hauntvids.com.
All updates on progress, submission listings, production status, and more is posted here.

FYI, deadline for submitting is December 15th, so what are you waiting for?

If you need help converting, or creating a video, we have posted tutorial info on the website.
Chris has offered those media impaired help if you need to assemble a video or slide show.

As in previous years, the Haunter's Choice Awards contest is based on your submission to the compilation.
If you don't submit, you can't win can you?
Check the catergories & details here: http://www.haunterschoiceawards.com

Of course you can order your own personal set.
Info will be on the HauntVids.com website.

We don't know what the final cost for purchasing the finished set will be yet.
Many folks are donating their time & resources to keep it cost effective.
It will vary depending on how many participate.
Its estimated that there will be 6-10 DVDs in the set.
That will be posted to the website as we get closer to the submittal deadline.

Thanks for reading the message, I know it's a lot to digest.
Check out the websites for all information.

Looking forward to see everyone haunts!
(all I have are a couple of pics so don't expect much from me!)

[email protected]

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Just want to give a heads up and let you know the website is near complete. You can now navigate through the site. I only have one more section to get complete and add Paypal checkout. Thank to those who've helped spread the word!


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Update - Your Halloween-L & Haunters Everywhere Video Compilation

Yes, I see the forum is may be putting a compilation (great idea) this is not trying to step on toes, just want to keep everyone who may be interested up to date and involved.


Your Halloween-L & Haunters Everywhere Video Compilation.....by haunters, of haunters, for haunters!


There are only 15 days until the deadline to submit your haunts, http://www.hauntvids.com/submit.htm. We know you haven't heard that much from The Halloween-L & Haunters Everywhere 2006 Video Compilation lately. Updates will be more frequent now that hauntvids.com is near complete and the FTP servers are up.

We would like to thank everybody who has submitted so far, we've been averaging about 2 entry's per day and have been getting confirmations from people saying that they'll have theirs on the 15th or just after.
If your going to be late with an entry contact Chris at [email protected] so he can plan accordingly.

You don't want to miss out! It doesn't matter how short your video is, or how few pictures you have to submit. If you don't think you have enough, think again, we've had people submit as little as 10 pictures. Everything is welcome, and we all want to see what you have done, we are all haunt junkies!

If you can't put a compilation together yourself and/or don't know how to convert your media to digital or the correct format, don't let that hold you back. You should mail it to Chris at [email protected] and the HauntVids team will convert it for you!

All questions we have been receiving are being posted to the FAQ section of hauntvids.com, http://www.hauntvids.com/faq.htm.

Review the FAQ before sending questions, for new questions submitted, we will update the FAQ.

All past compilations and additional videos are/or will be available for download on the MinionsWeb ICFear server, http://www.minionsweb.com/vids.htm shortly.

To find out who's haunt is on what year compilation, visit http://www.hauntvids.com/compilations.htm. Each years haunters have been listed for each video, and there are hyperlinks from the haunters name to their website if available. If you don't see a link to your site contact us and it will be added.

We'll have more exciting things to announce regarding hauntvids.com shortly, make sure to check back often.
There are some exciting announcements coming from the Haunters Choice Awards folks too.

If you have any hauntvids questions you can contact us off list - [email protected]

Stay Tuned!!

The Hauntvids team
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