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Halloween Poems by KPRIMM

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When the wind blows cold
with a rustle of leaves
and a chill runs over your skin

When the black cat prowls
near a gaggle of spooks
and the witching hour begins

When the coffins creak wide
and open thier lids
freeing those sleeping inside

When the children all gather
this magical night
with thier eyes and thier mouths gaping wide

When the lit jack o lantern
aglow on the porch
stares out with it's wide toothy grin

When the candy flows freely
from neighbors unknown
but on this night they all become friends

when werewolves abound
and skeletons lurk
and watch as you pass down the street

When your never quite sure
of just who that is
or what it is under that sheet

When creatures galore
jump out to scare
and nothing is quite what it seems

When this magical night
happens just once each year
the magic that's called Halloween
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another poem

Trick or treat.....by KPRIMM

Trick or treat
smell my feet
give me something good to eat

That's the music that you hear
up and down the street

So much power in those words
and OH what joy it brings
candied apples,packs of gum,and other tasty things

oarnge witch whistles
candy corn,some wax vampire's teeth

a Snickers bar, a Milky way
and Hey! right theres a Heath

A pixie stick, a Mary Jane
and theres a Baby Ruth

A mound of candy treasures
in my pillow case of loot

I really love those M&M'S
don't touch my Tootsie Rolls

And thirteen Bit o' Honeys
can never have too much of those

So get your group and don your sheets
and loudly yell it TRICK OR TREAT

Those three magic little words
Let's all yell TRICK OR TREAT!
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Actually, one Bit o' Honey is one too many:D

These are great, kprimm, good rhymes AND good rhythm! And are you starting the season early or what?:jol:
Another poem

Lament of a zombie....by KPRIMM

once upon a time i guess i looked alot like you
but now i am a zombie and my flesh is turning blue.

I've gone to meet my maker, to nature paid her price
I layed down for a dirtnap, now my head is filled with mice.

I cannot eat,icannot drink, my tongue has turned dark green
I only fit in once a year,and that night's Halloween.

I thought i felt emotions swelling up inside of me,
but that was just an earthworm as it wriggled to get free.

I shambled down the street unsure of wich way i should go
I have no mind to make up...at least I don't think so.

So as your walking down the street watch for a piece of me,
Theres always something falling off just send it back to me.

I now live in a graveyard but theres nothing i can do,
Be respectful when you tread here or i just might come for you!
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poem scratch scratch scratch

Scratch scratch scratch.....by KPRIMM

Scratch scratch scratch
i can hear it on the wall
it really creeps me out a bit
at night time most of all

scratch scratch scratch
at the window by my head
i think i hear the scratching
coming from beneath my bed.

scratch scratch scratch
can you hear it on the floor?
i hope it's not a monster
lurking just behind the door.

scratch scratch scratch
it's getting louder drawing near
maybe i should jump up
and high tail it out of here

scratch scratch scratch
now it's much too late to run
i think it's right beside me
and i think that i am done

scratch scratch scratch
i can't tell just where it's at
good grief it's not a monster
it's just george.....our cat.
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Okay, when is the illustrated book coming out?:)
great poem's that's a cool tallent you have
LOL roxy, they just came to me last week while sitting at work and i jotted them down, I just thougt maybe someone here would like to read them.
Had to laugh, where else would you read halloween poems in february and it's perfectly acceptable!! My wife thinks were all nuts! Great stuff,I love "When it's halloween" but they're all great!!
LOL roxy, they just came to me last week while sitting at work and i jotted them down, I just thougt maybe someone here would like to read them.
And thank you so much for sharing them, I did enjoy reading them:D
The old graveyard

Just for fun, here is another poem i wrote while bored at work.

The old Graveyard.....by Kprimm

There is an old graveyard
I always walk by
Where others before me
Have died and now lie.

And when i walk by it
it gives me the creeps
to know that one day
it's there that i'll sleep.

Sometimes i see shadows
and i often hear sounds
could it be coming from those
buried deep underground?

I walked past one evening
it was quite late at night
i could see them there standing
A trick of the light?

I saw one approach
with it's pale outstretched hand
and it beckoned to join it
so i turned and i ran.

now i'll never walk past
that old graveyard again
cuase i'm scared
I may never be heard from again.

the old graveyards still there
and i know in my mind
that the dead are there waiting
just biding their time.

so if you walk past
and you hear the wind moan
it may not be the wind
but them calling you home.
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Another winner, kprimm!
I started to hear wind and leaves while I was reading that! Awesome. Thank you.
You really do have a poetic knack, and they're fun to read! awesome poetry!!
Nice job, waiting for the next one.
KP, you really need to register this one if you haven't already. Love it.
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