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I Haunt to Live......BY:KPRIMM

I live to Haunt, I Haunt to live
The more I Haunt, the more I give
The more I give, The more I smile
And that's what makes it all worthwhile

A vision in my twisted head
Of Monsters or the Walking Dead
I work all year and hope to spread
Not fame....but Halloween instead

A single stranger in the night
Bathed in Jack O' Lantern light
Just One thumbs up, a single smile
That's what makes it all worthwhile

Now many could care less, it's true
But I'm here for the One's that do
The One's that love it just like me
And share the thrill of Halloween

My life's work has a single goal
To light a spark in every Soul
To share a little fun and fright
Forget your cares for just One night

A child's smile sets me free
To live the life I've chose for me
With so much left I want to give
I live to Haunt, and Haunt to live

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The Little One In Tow......BY:KPRIMM

Can I come too, can I come guys?
I really wanna' go
I have to take my little Sister
Mom and Dad said so

Yes, I guess I'll take you
Since I seem to have no choice
If you don't keep up we're leaving you
Her little eyes grew moist

To go with her big Brother
To go and Trick Or Treat
She wanted nothing more than that
And now she'd get her dream

And Justin with his group of friends
Took every chance they could
To tease her and make fun of her
It made them all feel good

And so, the rag tag group set off
To roam the spooky streets
With the little one in tow
It was time to Trick Or Treat

And in her little Princess costume
Down the street she went
In the group yet, all alone
Ignored by all of them

The little Princess didn't care
For it was Halloween
She felt the magic in the air
Tonight she'd live her dream

A bad uneven sidewalk
And she fell and scraped her knee
The boys just laughed and snickered
As they turned around to see

She stood back up and grabbed the pail
Of candy at her feet
And marched right up to that next house
And yelled out Trick Or Treat

Soon she was forgotten
By the others once again
As she followed there behind them
Smiling in the Autumn wind

Like Disney World and Christmas Day
All wrapped up in One
The greatest night and she was here
To take in all the fun

They went to every single house
Collecting Sugary treats
Until just one last house remained
The last one on the street

The house there by the Cemetery
None of them would go
That place is really haunted
Everybody's told us so

They all said "we'll just skip this one"
And turned around to go
All then left, except for one
The little one in tow

They stood there in amazement
With their slacken jaws agape
As the little Princess winked at them
And opened up the gate

Past the spooky tombstones
Past the gnarled and twisted trees
The Princess stood before the door
And yelled out Trick Or Treat!

The ancient door swung open
With a loud resounding creak
And with her pail there in her hand
The Princess took her treat

Not another word among them
Nothing said unkind
The little Princess took the lead
The boys fell in behind

When they got back home that night
She smiled ear to ear
Her Brother kissed her on the head
"Just wait until next year"

"From now on you are one of us"
"And side by side we'll go"
"From now on you're the Princess"
"Not, the little one in tow"

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The second poem reminds me of my big brother when he had a paper route many years ago. He let me come along once to help deliver the papers, which meant getting up at the crack of dawn and going out before the sun came up. The only houses he let me take the paper to happened to be the creepiest ones in the neighborhood:jol:

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I've found Peace....after Piece....BY:KPRIMM

I've finally found my inner peace
As I buy piece right after piece
I've also found impending doom
With no space in my storage room

Chests and boxes, crates and bags
Tied to rafters, now they sag
Every year I pick up more
My storage rooms now bulging door

With decorations, lights, and masks
A storage shed sits in the back
I fill the shed piece after piece
And smile in my inner peace

A tarp to wrap my Pumpkin King
Bags hang like Spiders tied with string
A well stacked wall of Plastic totes
Holds Zombies, Ghouls, and fabric Ghosts

I see it, and it must be mine
Commit another storage crime
Obsessed with all things Halloween
Surrounded by my Autumn dreams

And so I buy piece after piece
Sink deeper in my inner peace
If this keeps up, I have no doubt
I'll have to buy another house!

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The Potion.....BY:K Primm

Around the fire nice and hot
We prance and dance and stir our pot
Not stopping once when we begin
And none but we know what goes in

Beneath the Autumn's Hallowed Moon
Contorting hands trace signs and runes
Must hurry fore the rising Sun
No rest until our potion's done

Ca Heeps A Bah and just like that
We boil down the dead man's fat
Not stopping once when we begin
His ghostly voice upon the wind

Give twice as good as what we get
Ride clad in Black and Silhouette
Just look away, best not to spy
Or get the Witch's evil eye

October's darkness, what's it hide?
Best to stay locked safe inside
The night holds horrors best unseen
Past Pumpkins light on Halloween

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Halloween Jack......BY:Kurtis Primm (For those who have left us)

Alone on my porch in the very same place
Beside me a Pumpkin that once was your space
A Mask of thick Latex now hiding the race
Of the tears that I'm shedding that run down my face

It's hard to believe that you're no longer here
In our Grand Haunted yard that we built through the years
It's no longer the Monsters that bring me my fears
But the mask that I'm wearing to hide racing tears

I still Love the Fall and the magic it brings
But it also brings with it these tears...and they sting
They roll down my cheeks as I ponder the things
That we did in the past, as the Autumn breeze sings

I hand them the candy that drops in their sacks
They look at my Mask, tear filled eyes looking back
They're off like a shot into Halloween Black
It's just me and my Mask now with Halloween Jack

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For those who have Fallen....BY:Kurtis Primm (For everyone who has lost a loved one and misses them for Halloween)

Those who have fallen
Remember them well
And what they contributed
Before they fell

Their last Autumn meeting
And those at the start
And the one's in between
That you hold in your heart

And through every tear
That you shed for your friends
Continue to Haunt
For you do it for them

You do it for memory
You do it for Love
The pleasure you bring
As they watch from above

Though Physically gone
Close your eyes and you'll see
That beside you they stand
In the cool Autumn breeze

They live in the smiles
In the flickering lights
Of the Children and Pumpkins
On Halloween night

They live in the candy
That falls in the sacks
Of each Trick or Treater
Who keeps coming back

You stood with me then
And you stand with me still
Through every new Autumn
You always will

Thank you for all
Of the memories we shared
In the Magic of Autumn
You'll always be there

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Pumpkin Glow...BY:KPRIMM

Excitedly plunging my hands in the goop
Of the friend that I plan to sit out on the stoop
The saw in my hand and the plan in my head
A face super scary to frighten the Dead

The eyes must be sinister carved out just right
And just big enough to emit enough light
A grimmace of menace with sharp pointed teeth
As he stares never blinking nor falling asleep

Hallowed out carefully don't go too thin
And a nice big fat candle to place there within
From humbled beginnings he sat in a patch
To a guardian sentinel, just need a match

A quick spark of fire, a touch to the wick
And my friend springs to life yes, that did the trick
An aura of safety I'm all set to go
As I sit well protected in Orange Pumpkin glow

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Halloween (I LOVE it so)......BYKPRIMM

All manner of creatures that bump in the night
Witches and Goblins on Halloween night
If you find it scary, you're probably right
Our nightmares come true just to give us a fright

The last of October the time of the dead
Brings us candy in sacks, was it something we said?
Three words that hold magic on dark Autumn streets
On the lips of each child they cry Trick or treat

We run to and fro with nary a care
Neath' a blanket of clouds and a chill in the air
We walk side by side with a host of unseen
Who join us tonight for it tis Halloween

Disguises a plenty not knowing a One
And we beg and we take as we frolic for fun
The glow of the "Jack" making everything right
As we embrace the Magic that fills us tonight

A few fleeting hours tis my biggest fear
As I quake and I ache for another whole year
My mind on repeat playing over this scene
As I dream on the coming of next Halloween

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Half of me lay over here
And half was someplace else
Half of my insides
Lay in those jars there on the shelf

Half my eyes were taken
And half were thrown away
They thought that I was dead
But they just killed half that day

Half of me lay in a grave
Beside my very kin
But the other half was angry
The half that seeked revenge

I waited just a half a year
To let the memory fade
And then my other half came back
The half that'd make them pay

There were three that I would kill
And Three is half of Six
Half I'd strangle right away
On half I'd play some tricks

When the first was half asleep
The door just half ajar
I crossed his bedroom just halfway
A vision from afar

His eyes they fell upon me
He sprang half way out of bed
Before his other half could move
One half of Three was dead

Then halfway through it dawned on me
I was never good at Math
Exactly half of Three
Would give me One and then a half

Well half of me felt foolish
When I realized this fact
And halfway down the hall I knew
Just how I'd fix that

I floated through the bedroom door
And halfway cross' the floor
And in a flash, half on the bed
And half was on the floor

Half of me just smiled
In the darkness of the night
The other half felt very proud
I finally had it right

I took the victims lower half
And hid that half away
Between the realm of life and death
Where half of me now stayed

My work was over half way done
And half of me was glad
Now I'd kill the last, but First
I'd drive him half way mad

I popped up halfway through his floor
Halfway across his room
His eyes now halfway open
Saw me clearly in the gloom

Half of him was paralyzed
Now halfway through the night
Half of him was scared to death
It serves the bastard right

Half his mind was shattered
This poor fool was halfway dead
And now just half a job to do
I choked him in his bed

Now it's time for me to go
Slip back behind the veil
With half of you left wondering
About my spooky tale

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A bit on the dark side for you, k, but humor in the comment about never being good at math:jol:

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Wow! I'm loving these poems! I came back on recently again and happy I decided to check out your newest poems. :)

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A Simple Sot.......BY:Kurtis Primm

In field I lay, on vine I grow
A simple wish,I'm hoping so
No greater wish or bigger dream
A Jack O' Lantern on Halloween

So please Don't be a simple Sot
And leave me lay until I rot
Grab a saw and cut my lid
A smiling Jack is what I'll give

No greater purpose given me
Than guard your porch on Halloween
So please don't leave me there to rot
Get out your saw, forget me not

The Bogies come, they always do
Carve me....I'll look over you
A scary face a special day
I'll chase the scary spooks away

In field I lay, on vine I grow
A simple wish, I'm hoping so
No greater wish or bigger dream
A Jack O' Lantern on Halloween

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Not a word to say....BY:KPRIMM
(I wrote this poem for those that help me every year to bring the magic to everyone)

Not a word is spoken
For they all know what to do
The Love I have for Halloween
Well, they all have it too

I'm standing in the pouring rain
There's nothing I must say
A glance at my soaked Brother
And a smile beams my way

No matter what the weather
We feel Magic in the air
Halloween is here today
And that is why we're here

My socks and shoes are soaking wet
I barely feel a thing
Inside my heart is soaring
On a pair of Leathery wings

There is no need to ask them
Wouldn't matter if I tried
Through pouring rain or driving wind
They're always at my side

I love you all and thank you
From the bottom of my heart
A glance, a nod through rain drenched clothes
It's time for us to start

Through the veil of blowing rain
I hear it..Trick Or Treat
My friends have come again this year
I see them down the street

We stand there in the pouring rain
With not a word to say
Trick or Treat rings out again
And smiles beam my way
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