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Just Listen......BY:KPRIMM

Yes my friend, I hear you
Though you have not said a word
I see you as you lift the wing
Of yonder flying bird

I see you scatter fallen leaves
Of color in the air
I feel you sprinkle Magic
In the Autumn atmosphere

And like a rolling distant Train
I know you're drawing near
I've only but to close my eyes
That's all it takes to hear

From One on through to Thirty One
My favorite time of year
Halloween approaches
Just listen, and you'll hear

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I Am The One.....BY:KPRIMM

I am the creak that you hear in the night
The shadow when nobody's there
I am the one that you think is there hiding
Beneath the old basement stairs

I am the one that causes the light
To fail at the very worst time
And I am the thought that fills you with dread
When the Fear creeps up into your mind

Did the Attic door open? Yep,That's me again
'And the sound you hear under your bed
And I'm the one waiting to latch on your Leg
When you dangle it over the bed

The footsteps behind you, that Dog in the night
The Moan that you swear you can hear
That creeping of flesh and the racing of Heart
Tells you that I'm drawing near

That touch on your face that you think is a web
That flash that you saw in the Mirror
Those fingers you feel closing tight on your neck
Tells you I'm finally here

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The Biggest Fright.....BY:KPRIMM

We walk these roads of Cobblestone
It's Halloween tonight
Past fences made of planks of Wood
That glow by Pumpkin light

Fields of Corn that bend and sway
And Leaves that ride the wind
Light spills out of window panes
Past Skeletons that grin

October clouds move overhead
Like something half alive
Strangers wait behind their doors
For Children to arrive

All the world, it holds it's breath
It shivers and it shakes
Aware of what may walk tonight
It keeps us wide awake

The Dead and living coexist
On each side of the screen
Like Sand it's true, they pass on through
The night of Halloween

Walk these roads of Cobblestone
And mingle with the night
For Halloween comes once each year
And that's the biggest fright!

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Ghastly sight.....BY:KPRIMM

Ghastly creatures roam the night
I'm telling you..a Ghastly sight
A Ghastly coffin lifts it's lid
Some Ghastly thing inside is hid

A Ghastly house atop the hill
He died a Ghastly death, yet still
As dusk approaches Halloween
Again this Ghastly thing is seen

The weather's Ghastly storm clouds brew
With Ghastly thoughts inside of you
Behind locked doors your Ghastly deeds
Help satisfy your Ghastly needs

It's time for kids to Trick Or Treat
It grabs it's Ghastly worn out sheet
To do what it will always do
Hide itself in groups of Two

And so I tell this Ghastly tale
Of One with skin so Ghastly pale
This Ghastly thing so rarely seen
That blends right in on Halloween

As children go for Tricks Or Treats
This Ghastly thing roams darkened streets
The Ghastly things he wants to do
His candy is a piece of You!

You Trick Or Treat quite unaware
Another Ghastly child there
But wait...Who's this? it should not be
Your Ghastly group of Two is Three

This Ghastly Third now follows Two
And follows inches behind you
Behind his Ghastly sheet a smile
Ghastly teeth drip Ghastly bile

And so it goes on Halloween
Groups of Two soon number Three
This Ghastly tale I tell is true
When Three eats One it still Leaves Two

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Ethereal Breeze.....BY:KPRIMM

Around the Tombstones row by row
Their Ghostly Spirits to and fro
Beneath the Moon it's what they do
The Silver rays shine right on through

They move about like busy Bees
And glide upon an Ethereal Breeze
And if they ever see you spy
You'd never know they pay no mind

Some so sheer they're barely there
It makes no difference they don't care
Others look as real as me
But glide upon an Ethereal breeze

Just why they're here I can't surmise
Not sure what caused them all to rise
Come take a look to your surprise
And see them with your own Two eyes

White's, and Grey's, and Ghostly Blue's
They wear the colors they so choose
Beyond this life of you and me
They glide upon an Ethereal breeze

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Not Quite Dead.....BY:KPRIMM

"I saw it!"
"Are you sure you did?"
"It peeked out from beneath the lid"
"Impossible, the guy is dead"
"They found him murdered in his bed"

"You hear that?"
"Yes, I surely did"
"It's coming from beneath the lid"
"He's dead my friend and cold as Stone"
"Dear God, what's that unearthly moan?"

"I told you man, there's something queer"
"We need to beat feet out of here"
"Grow up man, and use your head"
"You dressed him, so you know he's dead"

"Yea, you're right I know that's true"
"I hate this job, I really do"
"You get so jumpy, mind plays tricks"
"Every day we deal with stiffs"

"Then both our hearts began to race"
"A booming moan then filled the place"
"The lid flew open then and there"
"The corpse and us were face to face"

"We both screamed like a little Girl"
"Our blood froze through and through"
"Our legs filled with Adrenaline"
"And up the stairs we flew"

"That was it, I quit right then"
"And never did return"
"Sometime's the dead are not quite dead"
"The lesson I had learned"

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I Am Zombie.....BY:KPRIMM

From deep within the sodden Earth
Where we were laid to rest
In rotted shells now home to Worms
And other crawling pests

Faintly come the chanting strains
Through crumbling Casket wood
To fill our skulls unoccupied
And limbs that one day stood

Rise, we hear repeatedly
And that becomes our goal
Escape to do our Masters work
Eternal slumber stole

Bursting through the graveyard Earth
Pale Moonlight bathes my skin
Somehow I'm aware of this
Though I don't feel a thing

Like a stumbling child
Or a toy with clockwork gears
I stump around on rotted limbs
That haven't moved in years

This un-life state is but a joke
And yet it feels so good
To be in Autumn twilight here
Where once upon I stood

Again I faintly hear the words
Compelling me to roam
I stagger past the tombstones
To the place I called my home

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The Coming of Dawn.....BY:KPRIMM

The coming of Autumn, my seasonal high
Brings a smile to my face as each leaf passes by
When kissed by the cold breeze of October air
My Burdens relinquished, if any were there

The bright Silver Moon rises high overhead
I'm at home in the dark,as the night brings it's dead
With Apples and Cider and Pumpkiny things
I fly on a high born of Leathery wings

The night is awash in an Orange flickering rain
As the "Jacks" that stand guard,feel I know them by name

When scary is normal, In fact, it's preferred
And the crackle of power in Three little words
Trick or Treat rings through the air door to door
And each time they say it Their treasures grow more

Let Orange be our Banner, our Flag colored Black
Let every hand carry a Trick or Treat sack
Let every mouth speak what our Hearts know is true
And delight in the words Happy Haunting to you

Our limbs fill with power in Autumn's delight
And just cause' we're here we're the Lords of the night
We take every day with a smile on our face
And the memory is stored in our Hearts spooky place

So bring on the Autumn and bring on the night
The Pumpkins the Scarecrows a wonderous sight
Let tombstones sprout up out of every lawn
And let Halloween last till' the coming of Dawn

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The Hag.....BY:K Primm

The old Hag sitting on my chest
She never lets me sleep
She wraps her fingers Round' my throat
And then she starts to squeeze

She squeezes me just hard enough
To cut off all my air
And only lets me see enough
To know in fact she's there

In bed I lay there every night
Afraid to close my eyes
but heavy lids shut out the light
No matter how I try

The old Hag sitting on my chest
Will never give me peace
She lives there in my memories
The Hag's a part of me

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The Day of Days....BY:Kurtis Primm

The Sun has not yet kissed the sky
Yet here I am again
The city still asleep but me
An Alley Cat my friend

It's Halloween come back again
And I am wide awake
So much to do, no time to rest
Let's Haunt for Goodness sakes

It's in my heart, it's in my soul
And now it's in my grasp
But just today is all I get
Then it becomes the past

I set the Pumpkins one by one
Put each one in thier place
Take the time to do it right
Give each the perfect face

First I set the graveyard fence
To keep my creatures in
Zombies, Ghosts, and Werewolves
Side by side here with my kin

The Witches wait to stir thier pot
The tombstones in a row
So much to do, so little time
For soon to start the show

The city slowly starts to wake
And then all eyes on me
They knew that I would be here
For where else would I be?

Every year this patch of Earth
Becomes my special place
Where like a Haunted artist
I put smiles on their face

They Trick, they Treat, they laugh, and smile
Halloween is here
Before the night is over
I start dreaming of next year

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Survival Plan......BY:Kurtis Primm

There are things that you must do Son
If you're going to be a Man
These things that I will teach you
Will be your survival plan

Halloween is Magical
But it is dangerous too
For you to make it through this night
These things you have to do

You have to wear a costume
A scary one is best
You have to blend in with the things
That never, ever rest

The candy is for the living
They can be a problem too
For Trick or Treat,just give the Treat
The best thing you can do

Of all these things I've told you
Here's the one the means the most
The Jack O' Lantern that you carve
Must set upon the post

The face it should be sinister
And carve it with great care
And when you're finally done, be sure
To place a Candle there

Put it on your fence post
Or the stoop beside your door
And when the Candle sparks to life
Check it to be sure

Don't let the Candle falter
Make sure the light spills wide
For if this light goes out tonight
The things will get inside

Follow what I've told you son
This survival plan
And every year you'll have the chance
To one day be a man

(I dedicate this poem to my Father Charles Primm..Nov.17/2021) Thank you my Father
For giving me my love of the Autumn season and Halloween. I remember every year
of trick or Treating. We were a team. In Every Haunted house,every Cider mill,
every Fall leaf, and every Glowing Jack O' Lantern I will see your smiling face.
It will never again be the same Dad, but I will keep trying..It's all I know to do.

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the Things in the Bushes....BY:Kurtis Primm

The house that stands on Hickory lane
Bout' halfway down the street
Is ringed by Bushes Five feet tall
From head down to your feet

They say that something lives there
In the bushes now, I mean
And if you're talkin' scary
Well now, that place sets the scene

Now, I wont walk by past it
Least' ways not That side
I've heard growling in those bushes
From God knows what inside

These aren't your normal bushes, no sir
These here things are thick
It's dark between those branches
Hiding things most foul and sick

They say that you'll go missing
If you happen by too close
The thing in there that you can't see
Is what I fear the most

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Open Graves.....BY:Kurtis Primm

Through the mists one Halloween
There came a sight I've never seen
A group of Bones out having fun
A roving band of Skeletons

No costumes here, for they were real
Cavorting for some fun to steal
I watched them go from door to door
A sight I'd never seen before

Each one with a sack in hand
This Jingling, Jangling Boney band
They roamed the Jack O' Lantern streets
And filled their sacks with Trick or treats

And with the ending of the night
They shambled off just out of sight
I rushed to see just where they'd go
The Cemetery up the road

And with the hour getting late
They filed through the Iron Gate
They offered up a parting wave
Then slunk back in their Open Graves

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Flickering Lights.......BY:Kurtis Primm

The Lights, they flicker, then they dim
A sign of things to come
A distant creak brings shivers
And a Cold to make you numb

Just beyond the Wooden Door
And shadowed window panes
The Autumn night brings biting winds
And cold October rain

Locked inside your cozy home
You feel as though you're safe
But something else is here as well
To share your living space

They told you not to mess with it
They told you not to go
But you ignored each one of them
Cause' you just had to know

A twilight Cemetery stroll
To see if it was true
But now you know the Ghost is real
For it has followed you

And now just there behind you
Unseen footfalls on the floor
With just a Blanket overhead
You're wishing you had more

Just make it till' the morning light
That's all you have to do
You drop the Blanket for a peek
It's standing next to you

A distant scream brings silence
And your Death has made you numb
The lights, they flicker one more time
A Haunting has begun
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