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Ok I have bought these items so far:

A toe pincher coffin from Spencer Gifts: $100 (CDN)

Giant Styrofoam skull from Shopper's Drugmart: $19.99 (CDN)

A great looking Gothic Flail from Value Village: $9.99 (CDN)

A Bloodied Severed Arm from Walmart: $3.93 (CDN)

More to come - Muhahahaha!

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That's one big ass skull you have there:D
I have mostly small things that I'll use in some of my scenes.
2 Mr Jabberjaws skeletons (K-mart)
a latex vulture from Spirit
2 large resin gargoyles from Target
2 masks and some hands from Death Studios

For homemade stuff; 3 4x8 sheets of 2 inch foam board
10 2x4's, 1 2x8, 3 sheets of 1/8th hardboard
some pvc pipe

Still need another fogger and some juice, plus a wiper motor

Almost done, which is good. Starting to get things together now.

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1 Bucky skeleton
1 large ACC bag of bones
5 Blucky skeletons
12 skull banks
1 gross skull whistles
1 skull fogger
1 foam pirate skull
assorted metal/foam signs, tombstones
various 50-light strands in purple, blue, orange
plastic "rusty" chain
faux parrot
strobe light
spider webbing
1 ladies' buccaneer shirt
1 cavalier hat

raw materials for homemade props:
concrete tube forms
deck spindles
decorative wheel
tiki torches

still have to buy:
fake gold coins
trick-or-treat goodies
flood lights

I'm sure I forgot something since I buy all year round...:googly:

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1 bucky
2 large bags o bones
1 thrifty spider
2 bucky skulls
10 1/2 pvc pipes
1 sheet of foam board
2 sets of vintage halloween decorations
4 color changing LED pumpkin lights
9 misc spooky town items including the mausoleum and pillager ship
3 halloween candles
10 metal jack-o-lantern votive candle holders
1 home made fog chiller
1 skull and spine beer bong (gift)
1 case of flat black spray paint
200 halloween gift bags
200 halloween sticker packs
4 pair of eyeballs from acc
1 homemade web shooter
4 new indoor/outdoor speakers.
1 shiney new computer with surround sound (not really just for halloween) :D

Im sure I forgot a bunch of stuff as well.

still need

150 feet of 1/8 coated steel cable
3 large eye hooks
flood lights
at least one more fogger
150 feet of 18 gauge speaker wire
lots of candy
still need to make my "Tim the enchanter" costume.

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Grapegrl-Pirates sounds like fun. I have a half finished treasure chest I need to dust off -Maybe next year. I have NO pirate booty at all. Just an empty chest.

Cool ideas and nice stuff you guys. I like the giant skull :devil:

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I got the same giant skull. Not sure what I am going to use it for either. I have only seen the one I found too. Someone in Hamilton has one but I have not heard of others..... maybe it was 1 per city... LOL

anyway, I purchased about 12 flood lights and lamps,
made my cauldron,
Made a fountain after purchasing 14 plastic blucky skulls
an old antique mirror
a crawling hand
a serving dish that moves around the table
4 foggers
5 pkgs of jelly blood
2 skull chalases
18 bottles of fog juice
skull candles
bleeding candles
4 mats that kackle for the doors...1.00 each
3 mats that have candy corn on them ... mats for 1.00 each
spooky town stuff
7 sheets of 1/2 inch foam for boarding the windows
1 sheet of 2 inch foam for making my "haunt sign"

im sure there is much more too... I went a bit overboard this year.....

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I was in the CVS yesterday and noticed a small coffin filled with gummi body parts. It contained 75 pieces for $9.99. I might go back and get one. I gotta think about it.

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Geez, not sure if I can make a decent list of this year's buys, 'cuz it'll be off the top of my head, but let me see......
Just got this off eBay last week

Last January got this....

Joann's Fabrics:
4 yards of a black fleece with JOL's on it to make 2 throws for the couch

At Michaels:
Some Spookytown people

At Walmart I got:
several stretch webs, scene setter, black skirt for my costume, 60 can coozies mostly black with a few red to stamp with a jolly roger and fill with stuff for the party, (and hubby talked me into a blow up Christmas carousel :D ) can't think of anything else from there right now.

At Kmart:
25 boxes of Capri Sun to give out as Halloween Treats

At Dollar Tree:
One each of the Classic Monster Movie posters and playing cards, 2 bags of flies, enough bags of misc. bugs/rats/bats to fill the coozies (still need candies ;)), some bags of webbing, one each of their cheezy horror dvd's, I think that is it ($57 at a Dollar Tree! :D) and a Nativity Set

At Walgreens:
Large bat, several little resin ToT's to add to my Spookytown display, 2 tombstones, 3 changing pictures, 3 med. size bats, Pirate kit, 2 ceramic mugs, 2 lg plastic skull mugs, 2 priate resin skelletons, 2 skulls, 1pr skellie gloves

At BigLots:
1 pirate groundbreaker, 1 pirate skull, 2 bluckies, 6 strings of lights, bloody worms, 2 knives, and some more bags of webbing (can't have enough!)

I know I've bought more but have it in the shed so can't remember what all right now!

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this year.....
1 blucky
1 wiper motor
12 fake eyeball things
about 20ft of pvc
and thats all i can afford for now because of reasons i dont want to go into

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So far I've bought...

1 r/c pumpkin at The Source
1 Halloween flashlight that makes spooky noises
2 bags of cobwebs
1 battery operated tarantula
1 Styrofoam Celtic Cross (3 feet high or something)
1 Bird of Prey Candy Bowl
2 Scene setters
A couple Halloween cards
Candies but I keep eating them... LOL !!

And there's still a few more things I wanna buy...

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Spookydude, those are the best tombstones I've seen. I wish we had something of that size and interest around here. I did buy 2 from Walgreens bigger size hard foam stones, but still, they are only 26" tall.

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On Saturday - I bought:

JoAnn Fabrics - 2 yards of a sand colored fabric for my Spooky Town Collection, 4 boxes of purple lights, bag of web and spiders

Michaels - Spooky Town moon, adapter, lighted up miniature pumpkins, minature skull and bone fence and minature monster trio.
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