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Halloween stuff for Pets

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Just came across this, figured I wold share.
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Here's a pic of our dog Sandy with her Halloween Shirt we bought for her two years ago at Petsmart.
Hit the Jackpot at Petco yesterday for Halloween stuff for your pets.
Vlad and I picked up:
1 sm. Franky costume for our Chihuahua $1.00
1 large Batman costume for our big dog $1.00
5 or 6 new halloween doggy squeaky toys for the dogs $0.25 each
1 Halloween cat toy with bell $0.25
1 sm. halloween t-shirt for the Chihuahua $0.50
New Halloween Dog Collar for large dog $0.50

Couldn't pass up those prices.
Run out and check your Petco's today.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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