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some tasty treats

Maggot Medley- orzo salad with crmbled feta cheese and chopped olives and peppers

BBQ Bats- split roasted cornish hens with BBQ sauce

Roaches, Beetles & Puss- yogurt dip with raisins and toasted slivered almonds

Tongue in Cheeks- knockwurst cut into thin strips and wrapped with dough with a little wurst sticking out each end, flatten then cut into 2 'tongues' before baking

Buckwheats Brains- oriental bukwheat noodles (soba) with toasted black & white sesame seeds and ginger dressing served in a hollow cabbage (add a blue light and they'll look grayish!)

Broken Bone Buffet- beef ribs, spare ribs and baby backs with gooey BBQ sauces all thrown in a pile

Braised Baby Legs- pork tenderloins topped with a chunky tomato and pepper ragout

Stuffed Spleens- baked calamari tubes stuffed with sausage, tomato and cheese topped with diced tomatoes

Guts and Bugs- make a chunky chili and add cooked black beans and white rice before serving

And for dessert...Fingers, Maggots and Guts- rice pudding with cherry pie filling mixed in over lady fingers

And don't forget the 'Monster' Cheese!!!!:googly::xbones::googly:
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