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Happy Birthday Grim Reaper

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Happy Bday...Grim Reaper
hope you get alot of good stuff.
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Happy Birthday Grim Reaper. Hope you have a wonderful day!!!!
Happy Birthday Grim!!! Hope ya got lots of goodies :evil:
Haven't seen you in these parts for a while, but I hope you are having a happy birthday.
Happy Birthday Grim,
Wow, 15, I remember 15. No wait, that was 27, or was it 36. Nope it was 41, I am sure of it. It's Monday, right?
O' well have a good day my friend.
Hey there happy birthday and have a great one!!!
Happy Birthday! Is it today in England too?
Happt belated birthday GR.. I gotta keep up on this forum!!!
Happy Bday, Grim. Hope you had a great day
I am so sorry grim, bad bat! sorry I didn't wish you a happy b-day!!!! Hope you had a great, i mean awful day!!!! :p
Happy belated birthday Grim! Hope you had a good one :)
Happy belated...

I'm always late for everything.
Happy Late Birthday Grim Reaper, hope it was a good one.
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