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Happy Birthday Otaku

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Happy birthday!
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Happy B-day, O! :D
Happy Bday Otaku! Hope you have a great one! :>
Hope you have a happy birthday, Otaku!
Here's wishing ya a happy happy birthday Otaku!!!!!!
Hope you have a good one!
happy B-day bud!!!!!!!!!! Hope all your spooktacular wishes come true!
May the sun be on your face and the wind be at your back. Happy birthday, Otaku.
Have a great birthday Otaku :D
May you have many wonderful surprises!
Enjoy your day!
Have a wonderful Birthday Otaku! :D
Thanks, all, for the great birthday wishes! My wife forgot it this year, she even called from Lake Tahoe (spending a long weekend with her two sisters) to ask if she could buy a new fossil specimen to add to her collection and didn't remember. Our anniversary is the 13th - maybe I won't get razzed for "forgetting" it this year!
Happy birthday... i forgot too.. sorry :) You will have to raz her about it, but give her a chance... how many times have you "forgotten" other days... perhaps she is just getting you back.... perhaps not.
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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