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Happy BirthDay to lil J

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yes, my youngest today, named after me is 3 today!
He is already being trained....mauhhhh....lol
He calls the hearse...."my car"....lil brat......
Anyways it's his birthday today, im so proud of him. We have spent many hours here together looking at pics here with him on my lap, so welcome a future member here, well in a few years....and help celabrate his Birthday!!!!!!
Daddy Loves ya little J !
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Thanks Jeff, he thank you!
ill find a pic of this little monster!
here he is a few months ago...speggtie monster......my hat daddy...lol
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It appears that he got his good looks from his mother! lol
yes,the looks come from her..........
Think I need to go thank mommy now!....lol
This terd is my pride and joy!!!!
wow!!!!!!!!!!! what a party...lots of cake and sweets and juice and milk....YUK!
thanks for welcoming my buddy guys!!
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