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Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year, my Unpleasant Street friends! May you all have lots of fun tonight and have a designated driver for all of you old enough to drink. Lets come back next year and make this one a better one than the last! :D
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Should old aquatance be for naught and never brought to mind and I can't rember the rest. So have a good one all!
Hopefully this year, Vigo will stay in that damned painting.:p
It's all mine!!!!:p :cool: :D :googly:
Happy New Year! We're off to a great start with a broken water heater that can't be fixed until Tuesday! Woo hoo!
Enjoy a day full of cold showers.:(
Nah, gonna shower at mom-in-law's. :p A cold shower during this time of year would be lethal.
Hope everyone had a happy and safe New Year

YAY! Happy new year.

My new years resolution: TAKE OVER THE WORLD!(and force evryone to celebrate halloween!)
how mant people already broke there resolution?
I'm still on mine. :D
I didn't even make one. :/ I felt boring this year.
I resloved two things, to not eat any more choclot Almonds until I feel like eating one so I kept that one...

And I resloved not to make anymore resolutions... so I resolved a oxymoron! now that takes skill...
Not sure that that's necessarily an oxymoron...

I made that same resolution about 10 years ago clay... it's the only one I ever kept. :D
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