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Happy New Year

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Happy heatlhy and prosperous 2007 to everyone!

Here's a toast to the future,
A toast to the past,
And a toast to our friends, far and near.
May the future be pleasant;
The past a bright dream;
May our friends remain faithful and dear.

~ Anonymous


In the New Year, may your right hand always be stretched out in friendship,
but never in want.

~ Traditional Irish toast

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Happy New Year 2 all hope its better than the last

"That's Happy New Year. In this country, we say Happy New Year."

A little Trading Places humor there. Here's hoping everyone here has a better year than last! :)
Happy New Year!

May 2007 be a year filled with happiness and good health to all!
Have a happy and safe New Year's night everyone :)
Surely we here in the forum can come together and scrape up some bail money.

Screw safe...... have fun.
Happy New Year

A toast to all for a healthy and happy 2007

Hell I might even get remarried this year
Its Official....HAPPY NEW YEARS

Happy New Years....ball just fell....best wishes to yal all....lova ya all...have a great and happy new year! Best wishes to all u guys!!!!!
Happy new year.....Hope its a good one!!!!
The ball is dropping here in Oregon in 6 minutes, Happy New Year everyone!
Happy New Year my friends!
Nope ! No hangover here!!!!! :)

Didn't even touch alcohol last night - not even the bubbly that was chilling for a midnight toast. :)

So 2007 is off to a good start.

Happy New Year everybody. :)
Who said anything about being sober enough to have a hangover happy hic newyear
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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