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Happy to be here

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Hi all. New to the forum and looking forward to diving into the fun. Been yard haunting two years now and plan to pick it up a notch this year with a walk through. I'm the only one in town, so it's great to find forums to get ideas for the "seasoned veterans". Hope to get to know you soon.
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Welcome CreepyCanmore.... this is a great place to kick it up a notch.. or two or three :D hope your garage is empty cuz pretty soon it wont be
great to have you here!
you sound like me a couple years ago...
things tend to get bigger and better as the years go by!
i look forward to following you and your haunt progress!
Welcome indeed! This is a great place to pick up ideas for new props! :D
Welcome CreepyCanmore.
Glad to see another Canadian. :D
'Seasoned': yes. 'Veterans' : not so sure about.

Welcome to the forum. You are going to like it here.
howldy. Welcome to a great place to feed your sickness.
Hi and welcome to the forum. Great people here to help you.
Hey! ......yeah YOU!

Are you following me????

Glad you found this place CreepyCanmore....its alot of fun here.
hey welcome aboard. you'll definetly get it up a notch after talking to some of these guys
Greetings and Salutations, Hope ya like your new home! And hope you have room for an extra shed or two, or more, After "hangin'" around here for a little bit, your gonna need them in addition to your garage! :devil: :>

Holy Hannah, what a welcome! I should have stopped by here sooner. And yes, Dave the Dead, you have an official stalker :devil:

With a response like this to a simple hello post, I know this is going to be fun. I agree, two years in and I already need more storage (or at least that's what my wife says). We're simply going to have to get a bigger house for the haunt. Priorities you know....

Thanks for the welcome all, it made my day.

Welcome to our forum CreepyCanmore. Enjoy your stay.
Howdy CC. We have a fairly active Canadian contingent here (does my being half Canadian count?). So you're not entirely alone up there. We're glad to have you with us, and look forward to your input. Now get posting already !!
You'll get so many ideas you will have to get a notebook to write down what you want to do in the future. That is what I did.
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