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Here is my haunt for this year: The Haunted Pumpkin Patch

Some highlights:
  • 23 carved pumpkins
  • Atmos Jack-O-Lantern Jamboree projected onto the pumpkins on the back of the yard cart
  • A scarecrow pumpkin
  • Various farm theme elements:
    • Farmer skeleton wearing overalls
    • Corn Stalks
    • Straw Bales
    • Wagon
  • A small farm house settlement cemetery
  • Treat bags hanging from the lower branches of the tree
  • Accent lighting using Roscolux Orange and Fire gel
Plant Pumpkin Calabaza Winter squash Orange

Plant Pumpkin Cucurbita Winter squash Calabaza

Cloud Plant Sky Window Pumpkin

Plant Window Pumpkin Botany Tree

Plant Sky Cloud Property Window

Plant Pumpkin Window Calabaza Lighting

Pumpkin Plant Orange Calabaza Cucurbita

Plant Window Branch Orange Tree

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Oh my gosh!!! Where do I even start??!!!! Love! I am a huge jack-o-lantern person and love yours!!!! Man I am jealous!!!!! The two between the "Beware go back" sign? My favorites! Next year I am going to copy them! Um....I hope that is OK.
Hi and thank you for your kind words! Please feel free to use any of my ideas. That is why we are here, to share with others and get ideas for haunting!

The treat bags in the tree were pretty good. We only had two groups of TOTs and both had young children. The first one, the parents themselves were very skiddish and gave a strange look when told they could go into the yard to get more candy. I think they ultimately liked it though. We had the neighbors from the adjoining houses together in the driveway handing our their candy as well. It occurred to me that I would have had the option not to tell the TOTs to go into the pumpkin patch if they were rowdy teenagers or I otherwise thought they were going to take all the bags.

For the carving, I worked with a neighbor and we carved over two evenings. I removed all the guts using a gutting tool chucked in a power drill. Meanwhile, he did most of the carving and produced all of the quality work. The ones that look a little sloppy were most likely the ones that I carved.
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