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I am ready to begin receiving video submissions for the 2006 HauntForum DVD Set. This set will consist of a DVD (or more) of everyone's video. There will be a separate DVD containing still photos from people who are unable to submit video, and if there is enough interest, a DVD of extras if anyone wants to submit behind the scenes stuff (for instance, I will be submitting my Comedy Club's full routine as an extra).

Here is the info on how to submit, what formats are usable and other noteworthy material.

This post is going to be long, so you need to read ALL OF IT before submitting. I will not be chasing down people who submit items that are clearly outlined as being unusable.

  • The deadline for submissions is January 13, 2007. All entries sent in after that date are not guaranteed to appear on the set.
  • Submissions must be from members who have 10 posts or more. Anyone submitting who is not a member or has less posts, will not be considered for this set.
  • Try to keep your submissions to a 7-minute time limit. If you have a particularly large haunt or have lots of props with long cycle times, then so be it. Just keep in mind, the longer the submissions are, the more likely it is this set will be larger and therefore more expensive.
  • Try to only show each prop for no more than 10 - 20 seconds unless it has a long cycle time, or has some unique feature/function that you really want to show off.
  • Don't show the same prop more than once or twice. Your stuff is all great, but to keep the DVD moving along, it's best if you don't show your FCG or coffin leaper 12 times. A daytime and/or night time shot is sufficient.
  • Daytime and nighttime video is encouraged so everything can be seen in good lighting as well as under haunt lighting.
  • Entries that are overlong and drag in places will be edited down. The above guidelines spell out for you what I mean by dragging in places and overlong. Keep this in mind especially if you are editing your video together yourself.
  • No entry shall be used to advertise or otherwise mention Halloween-oriented businesses except in the case that your entry is that of a pro haunt. This includes links to business web sites. This compilation is not a free ad for your business. Links to personal sites and pro haunt sites are acceptable, but no links to business sites (i.e. prop vendors) are allowed.

I will only accept video that is in the following format:
  • Full Screen, 4x3 video only! NO WIDESCREEN VIDEO. Widescreen and full screen can't be placed on the same disc with the software I'm using, so if you submit widescreen, your entry can not be used.
  • Framerate MUST be 29.97 fps (commonly referred to as 30 frames per second). Anything other than that is subject to the same software limitation as the widescreen material.
  • Finally, I can only accept video in the NTSC format, not the european PAL format for the same reason as the two previously mentioned items.

Here are the file formats that will work best for this project:
  • Video: MPEG-1, MPEG-2, AVI (The higher the resolution of the video, the better it will look on DVD)
  • Audio: WAV, MP3
  • Graphic: BMP, JPG, PNG, PCT, TGA, TIF
  • Tapes and DVD: I can also transfer from DVD, but not from tape. I no longer own a VCR, so if all you have is a tape, Frighteners Entertainment has offered to transfer from tape for this project Please send him a PM to work out the details directly with him. Thanks for the help Jeff.

The Windows WMV format is usable, but due to its extreme amount of compression, I suggest you DO NOT use it. If you have no other means of editing video other than the Windows Movie Maker, you do have the option to save your video as an AVI file. Please do so. Using the WMV is done at your own risk of having your video appear overly compressed on the DVD.

How to Submit
Submissions can come in three ways. The first and simplest way would be for you to transfer to DVD or CDROM and mail it to me. I can then transfer the video into my PC and work with it from there. Be sure to include your Username, Haunt Name, City/State, web address (if applicable), or any other info you'd like added with your submission. Submissions can be mailed to:

David Lindblom
119 Pleasant St.
Pembroke, MA 02359​

You need to notify me if you would like your source tape or DVD returned to you, and you need to be able to pay return shipping. I am not responsible for the tape or disc if it is damaged or lost in shipping, so ship to me at your own risk.

The second way you can submit to me is via the internet through a file-hosting company called RapidShare. This method will only work if your file is 100 Mb or less. DO NOT overly compress your video or save it at a smaller resolution just to be able get your filesize down enough to use RapidShare. The quality of your video will be greatly reduced that way.

If you do use RapidShare, you will need to e-mail me the url to retrieve your file, your Username, Haunt Name, City/State, web address (if applicable), and any other info you want included on the DVD.

The third and final way to submit is via FTP. Just click on the FTP link below in Internet Explorer. This should open up a blank document folder. Within that, create a directory for yourself (Right click and select "New" and then "Folder"), and upload all of your video, sound and image files to that folder by simply dragging and dropping your files into your new directory. You will then need to e-mail me at [email protected] with your Username, Haunt Name, City/State, web address (if applicable), and any other info you want included on the DVD.


If you do not use Internet Explorer or are using IE7, you can log in manually with an FTP program (such as WS_FTP or SmartFTP) with the following information:

Address: www.deathtouchhorrors.com
Username: u40473317-zombie
Password: zombie1

Again, don't forget to e-mail me that you have uploaded the files and tell me your Haunt Name, Username, and City/State.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to post a new thread in the Questions, Comments, and Feedback Forum and I will answer it at my earliest convenience. DO NOT post your question to an existing thread as it may not be seen by me that way.

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Videos Received

Here is a list of videos that I've received. If your username is on this list, that means I have your video/photos and have successfully added it to the compilation. If you are not on this list, then I either have not received your video or are awaiting information from you about your haunt.

This list will be updated as necessary.

  • Dr Morbius
  • Nick G
  • Zombie-F
  • Blackwidow
  • Technical Terror
  • Hauntiholik
  • NecroBones
  • Slimy
  • Spookkid
  • Ghostess
  • Nightshade
  • Dreadnight
  • P8Balls

  • Mike
  • WormyT
  • ScareFX
  • Dark Fanged Bat Lady

  • Zombie-F's Comedy Club Routine
  • Technical Terror's Behind-the-Scenes Photos
  • the_PROCRASTINATOR's Spider Wiper Behind-the-Scenes
  • NecroBone's Talking Skeletons
  • Nightshade's Behind-the-Scenes Video
  • Dreadnight's Haunt Backstory Video

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The submission process is now closed to new entries. We have received enough material to fill up one DVD. Thank you to everyone who participated. Your contributions are appreciated tremendously.
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