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HauntForum T-Shirts and DVDs Are Back!

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Hello boils and ghouls,

The remaining 2006 HauntForum DVDs and 2007 HauntForum T-Shirts have returned from their field trip to Ironstock and MHC. Thanks to everyone who made a purchase while they were out on their triumphant summer tour. Also a big thanks goes to Jeff (Frighteners Entertainment) for taking them out on the road. :smoking:

In light of that, I am again offering the T-Shirt and DVD combo for the sale price of $19, which is a savings of 17% off the normal price of these items. This price is good until Autust 1, 2007.

We have limited quantities of each, so if you want one please be sure to act now as the shirts will not be re-printed and it is also uncertain if the DVDs will be re-printed.

All of our merchandise can be seen at the HauntForum Shop.

We have sold out of Medium and XL shirts. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Happy Haunting!
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Only two more days for this pricing! Shirts are almost sold out, so act now if you want a DVD and a shirt. :devil:

Medium shirts are now sold out as well.
3XL Shirts are now sold out. We have 2 Small and 2 Large shirts left!

Don't fret once they're sold out though, a new design will be unleashed in 2008!
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