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What is http://www.HauntSpace.com


HauntSpace is a Halloween, Haunted Attraction Social Network Platform newly launched for Haunters. The platform allows you to maintain your own free web space, blog, and personal forum and do so in an environment free of non-related pop ups and advertisements. This is the place for you, its FREE and packed with features.
HauntSpace is a platform geared to bring the Halloween community together thus eliminating mass numbers of folks we have to sift through to find others that enjoy the same passions we do. HauntSpace will strive to protect children and aggressively deal with the NO SPAM policy. We will be offering BANNER TRADES. If you have a website or forum that's clean, wholesome and provides resources to the Haunt Community, please email us at [email protected]

Be on the ground floor of a new and exciting project.

There will be constant improvements to this site. We urge members to interact with one another on the HauntSpace forum, especially if you have HTML experience. HauntSpace will always be free, and will ONLY host Halloween, Haunted House banners that benefit the industry. You won't see targeted search engine links and the things that cause a site to be cluttered with nonsense.


Features include the following (CHECK OUT THESE FEATURES)

· Home
· Shoutbox
· Recent Blogs List
· Random Polls
· Recent Pics
· Recent Logins
· News & Annoucements
· New Forum Topics
· Whos Online
· Web Search
· Gallery
· View all image posted on the site
· View images by categories
· Special browse settings to make viewing easier
· Featured Images
· Option to create/edit
· Browse
· View all members
· Advanced Search Engine to find members
· Featured Members
· Comment on Images
· Blogs
· View all blogs
· Read and Comment on blogs
· Special browse settings to make viewing easier
· Option to create/edit
· Forum
· Post Topics
· Post replies to other topics
· Rate
· Rate Pics From 1-10
· View Top Rate Pics
· View Most Viewed Pics
· Battle
· Image Battle to pic which image will win
· Option to view battle leaders
· Poll
· View all polls
· Answer polls added by the members
· Option to create/edit
· Groups
· Groups split up into categories
· Categories editable from the admin panel
· Features Groups
· View/Create/Edit Personal Groups
· Advanced Search Engine
· Groups Contain: Shoutbox
· Groups Contain: Gallery
· Groups Contain: Guestbook
· Groups Contain: Forums
· Classifieds
· View all listings
· View/Create/Edit Personal Listings
· Reply/Forward listings
· Advanced Search Engine
· Fun
· View all fun items
· Place to add funny videos and flash games
· Quiz
· View all fun quizzes
· Take another members quiz with up to 10 questions to answer
· Option to create/edit
· Music
· View all music videos
· Option for members to add videos to there profile
· Features Songs
· New Releases
· Top Requested Songs
· Advanced Search Engine
· Events
· View all events
· Option for members to add events
· Featured Events
· Advanced search for location and zip code
· Birthday Calendar
Members Area

· Main
· Message Center. Listing new messages, friends requests and comments added.
· Account Info: Type, Points, Member Since and Space Used
· Theme Manager ( Option for members to change site theme )
· Profile Picture ( Option to change )
· Bulletin Board recent posts
· My Friends List
· My Favorites
· Account Settings
· Email Info/Change
· Option to change password
· Option to edit Gender, Location, Date of Birth
· Option to receive email notifications (
· Profile Settings
· Option to edit: Headline, Occupation, Dating Status, Orientation, Smoke, Drink, Religion, Turn Ons, Turn Offs, Hobbies, Movies, Music, Books and About Yourself.
· Profile Picture
· Option for the member to change their profile image.
· Design My Profile
· Option to upload background image.
· Options to fully edit the members profile with the easy to use color picker. From which the member can changes the whole color layout of their profile to fit the way they want it to be.
· Messages/Mail
· Inbox
· Sentbox
· Compose New Message
· Crush Inbox
· Crush Sentbox
· Comments Inbox
· Submit Items
· Upload Pictures
· Write Blogs
· Create Polls
· Create Quiz
· My Items
· Edit Pictures
· Edit Blogs
· Edit Polls
· Edit Quizzes
· Edit Comments
· My Friends
· Full Friends List
· Option to delete friends
· New Friend Requests
· Pending Requests
· My Favorites
· Full Favorites List
· Option to delete favorites
· Bulletin
· View Bulletin Board
· View My Bulletins
· Post New Bulletin
· User option to edit/delete posts
· Member option to reply/forward post
· Invite
· Option to send out 1-5 invite emails
· Extra Message Option
· Invite Leaders List
Members Personal Profiles
· Profile Sections
· Profile
· Gallery
· Blogs
· Guestbook
· Friends
· Favorites
· Profile Info
· Display Username
· Display Profile Picture
· Display Online/Offline Status
· Display Users Info: Job, Smoke, Drink, Religion, Orientation, Dating Status, Member Since, Points, Gender, Location, Age, Views, Star Sign and Last Login.
· Blocks On Profile
· My Gallery
· My Friends
· About Me
· Turn Ons
· Turn Offs
· Music
· Books
· Movies
· Hobbies
· My Blogs
· Guestbooks
· Recent Visitors
· Contact Panel
· Send Private Message
· Send Crush
· Instant Messenger
· Add to friends
· Add to favorites
· Rate Me
· Block User
· Personal Profile Design

http://www.HauntSpace.com the software provided to Haunters, by a Haunter.


The HauntSpace Marketing Team.

HauntSpace is brought to you by Span Copyright 2006, all rights reserved, LLC pending.

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That is interesting. Now I know why you have been gone so long. It wasn't because of you job, you were dreaming this all up. Good job.

Hillbilly Wrangler
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Great, i was just talking to my husband about making a site. This will come in handy, thanks.

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Thank you VERY much for the kind words, it's encouraging.

Between working 80 hours a week, doing the web thing (and there's more coming LOL) it's been hard to take a breath.

With the HauntSpace project, I wanted to come up with something that gives a lot to the Haunters, something we could keep direct to the industry.

Also, I thought that keeping it a "just the haunters" thing would be better, so we could keep track of the people on it, thus protecting children. Additionally, we will be doing things that benefit others eventually.

I don't want this project to head in the direction that another popular site of it's kind did.

There's a lot to offer on there and if you see the features, it's jam packed with goodies.

I apologize for not coming around that much, hopefully if I land the dream job I applied for, I would have more time on my hands. I'm in the testing phase still.

Again, thanks for the inspiration. You guys and ghouls rock.

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Thanks again for the kind words. I've got another one online, but will wait to annouce that one until it's finished completely.

Also, I'm going to send some good cheer back to Zombie-F as well. I have a lot of forums I belong to, but I respect the quality of the people here, as I do on a couple of others I belong to.

I like the sites that benefit others involved with the industry.

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hi, all I have to say is that this looked like a watered down myspace and people from Halloween-L say they get a security threat warning when they visit the site....

im not saying its a bad site, just that I think you have some problems

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Yes, it's a similar thing to MySpace.

I'll be changing a setting in a few minutes that will take care of the security threat issue.
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