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have you used this type blacklight

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has any one ever used this type blacklight bulb
they are 9.99
wondering how they are
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Not very bright on display at Menards, but that may be because it is now old and has been running continuously? IT still gets hot.
You can find bulk packages of those on eBay for decent prices. I have been hesitant to buy them just in case they are lame though.

Sorry, that's not much help at all.

ok well I saw them on a site ..he has a how to on a casing for it with a flood light thing and a martini glass with stem cut off. it is supposed to be rain proof
he had some cool pics on the site and i guess he used that light with that .
maybe it is someone here??
You'd be much better off getting a 20 watt florescent type, which I've also used outside, but always bring them in if there's a chance of rain. I can't see those bulb type black lights really doing a good job.
Actually that appears to be one of the compact flourescent blacklights. I've replaced most of my tube lights with ones like these. They work great in those clip lights with the reflectors. And you don't get the UV light on the patrons. Also, Disney uses these type of blacklights in the Haunted Mansion in the graveyard.
Reading the package, it says "60-75 watt replacement, only 15 watts." That means it's a compact flourescent, which means its as good as a flouro tube but you can put it in a regular clamp light. Spells winner in my book; I'd buy it.
ok thanks guys...
I use about 10 of them so far, along with fluorescent tubes. And that's not a bad price either.
Okay lilly, post a link so we can all get some.:D
Cool thanks, i think im going to get some on pay day.
Yahoo'd the "compact fluorescent black light" and got some good results.

Thought these were pretty awesome, too!
Wow! Me likey dat circular CF tube... bet you could get some serious glowage out of that. I mean, regular flourescent blacklight tubes are all well and good, but the option of using all your regular lamps and cheap clamp-lights as fixtures is great!
I've used circular CF's of the normal white variety and they do give off great light. So I heartily agree! And they seem to last forever!
I have a circle CF white in my kitchen and it has been in there for 11 yrs now ,I don't know how long before we bought this house, that it has been there.
I have a total of 8 big and 2 small reg CF ones and only have replaced one big and one small of those in the same amount of time..they are best lights I have ever had.

Question: Do mirrors reflect blacklight good?
Spencer's Gifts carries this type of bulb in the black light section of their stores, sells for around $9.99 (about $5 cheaper than they went for at Spirit last season). I used one last year just to try them out and was very happy with the output.
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