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Headstone age, by materials

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Hi all. I just came across this interesting tidbit. If you want to keep your headstones "age appropriate" to your theme, check out this list of how a headstones age is determined by what they're made from.


If your ancestor has a stone made of slate or common fieldstone (except wood used by pioneers), chances are the stone dates from 1796-1830.

If the stone is flat-topped hard marble, dates are about 1830-1849.

If the "mystery" stone is round or pointed soft marble with cursive inscriptions, look for a date of 1845-1868.

Masonic four-sided stones began in 1850 and are still in use today.

Pylons, columns and all exotic-style monuments are usually dated 1860-1900.

Zinc monuments date from 1870-1900.

Granite, now common, came into use about 1900.

I got this from here>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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thats cool Vlad..
maybe start in the middle (seems all grave yards have a main center) with the oldest surrounding and spread out to the newest if you have just a regular graveyard no theme.
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