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hearse project

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Pictures by palerider44magg - Photobucket
here the hearse project pics .....im gettin done with a little help from friends
many thanks to bodybagging for his great ideas and input:voorhees: :zombie: :xbones:
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It's really fantastic PR. I'd be proud to be dead in it.
I humbly bow to the presence of one willing to take on such a task.
PR, thats freaking fantastic...Great Job.
[email protected], and I was getting impressed with myself for making a not-completely-awful pair of zombie hands. Very well done!
Looking good Rider! :> I cant wait to see it finished :>
Its AMAZING the progress that rider has made on this thing, from concept to reality in under a month...........hes a creative genuis!
Holy smokes, that's unreal!
thank you thank you i would bow.....but i may not be able to stand back up...doh......
i have some cool ideas from my new great friends
Dang rider! Didn't know its only been under a month! Doh..... such vonderful work my friend! :>
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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