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Heat Gun Advice

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Now that I've decided I need to go out and buy a heat gun, does anybody have any advice as to wattage and temperature? Models? Things to steer clear of? I have no idea what to get. Any help would be great.
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I am assuming you are purchasing this to distress foam? I attended a great seminar this past weekend in Salem MA where this was one of the demonstrations, it works great. I was told at the seminar that I wouldnt need anything fancy just something that was much hotter than a hairdryer.

I purchased a cheap Wagner one for $21 in the paint section of Walmart. I couldnt wait to use it. It worked great

Hope this helps
That's something I didn't even think about when I purchased one yesterday. I bought mine so I could put finials on PVC and distort a plastic skelly head. Now I'm even more happy that I bought one. Just one more reason to buy another tool.
I'm also in the market for a heat gun, but don't know what to look for. I assume as long as it spits out heat and doesn't break after the first use that's enough for my purposes.

Harbor Freight currently has one on sale for $8.91, more than half off the normal price of $19.99. It has settings of 630°F and 1000°F (8 amp and 13 amp). Does anyone have any experience with this one?
Piece of advice - direct from the New England Haunt Gathering - make sure you have something to lay it on while your working, if it didn't already come with a stand. They get pretty hot and can melt/burn plastic and other materials.
Liam, sounds like you got a good deal on that. It should be fine. Good luck.
okay so in using the heat gun on stryo... how is it used? Is it similar to using a propane torch on it with water? Got any pics? THANKS
You'll realize there are more uses for a heat gun than you first imagine. I use mine for all sorts of stuff. As for temp., they all range from about 600-1200 degrees. I feel the cheapo's are just as effective as the high end models. Harbor Freight and Grizzly have nice, affordable ones.
Thanks for all the help! Absolutely, I want to distress foam...but I also want something to bend PVC with. Looks like I should definately make sure it has a heat setting. Liam, I'm heading to harbor freight.
MM, that's exactly what I'm looking to do, too. When you're working with the styro, be sure and wear a proper ventilator since those fumes get nasty...talk about killing brain cells!

OotDR, thanks the the encouragement. I was shady on the thing initially, but I figure for $8.91 you can't really go wrong. And it's not for sale on their website, but definitely is in the retail stores. Just a little FYI.

I got my heat gun today and used it to put finials on my gate and it was a breeze. I should have bought one last year when I built 80' of fence. I can't wait to use it tomorrow to strech out a skull head opening. I love my new tool!
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