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Hello from Kentucky!!!

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Hello!!! I am a member on one of the other Halloween forums and was refered to this forum by some members here. I've enjoyed this forum very much!!!

I live in Northern Kentucky and have been yard haunting off and on for about 15 years. My current project is based on pirates. I have a ship called the Black Squirrel (a play on names with the Black Pearl, darn copyright laws).
I can post some pics if anyone is interested.

I've already met two folks from this forum, and I'm looking to meet more.
Not sure if anyone has noticed or not yet, but less than 200 days to go!!!

Looking forward to talking with everyone
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Welcome Brian.
glad you joined..and of course we would love to see pics.
Hi ya Brian!! Glad ya found us and like it here.... And of course we want pictures!!
Only 200 days?!?!?! Man, I'd better get busy.

Welcome to the forum.
Welcome aboard matey!
Black Squirrel.... That is funny!
Looking forward to your pics.
Howdy and welcome, Brian! Can't wait to see pics...I've got a bit of a pirate obsession myself. But it (and Johnny Depp aka Cpt Jack) has consumed my office instead of my haunt...so far. Can't wait to see the pics.
Welcome Bauton!
Welcome glad to see ya here. And pics bring on the pics.
Welcome to the forum, and we'd love to see some pics!
Less than 200 days.....better get busy!
Howdy and welcome
Arrrrrgg...Bring on the pics,matey
Hey man welcome to the forum. Good to know there is more than just me and playfx here in the land of lube. Cant wait to meet you for the MNT
Welcome to the madness. Glad you made the trek to get here. :D
Hi and welcome. You'll find lots of folks like yourself.
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