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Hello from Ohio

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Hi all,

I just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself and say hello to everyone. I have spent the last few evenings just reading through quite a few of the threads here and well..this definately is a community I would love to be a part of. You are all pretty freakin' amazing.:)

I live here in Ohio and I have always loved Halloween more than any other holiday. I don't have much experience at all building elaborate haunts and unfortunately-I am not very handy with electronics and such, but those are both things I am hoping to work on and gain experience with. I do however have one helluva imagination and the passion to match- so hopefully those two things will help me as I learn.

So anyway, I just wanted to say hello to everyone. It's nice to find a community of people who are already thinking of next years Halloween..my friends out here just don't really understand:p

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Hey Celtic :> We met in Chat last nite. Hope ya like it here! Looking forward to getting to know ya better! :>
Hey Dark Fanged Bat Lady!~Thanks for the welcome:)
BTW---- there is a real great bunch of people here and if you ever need help, just scream, someone should be able to hear ya! :> hehehehe
Welcome to the forum.

There are some very talented people on this thing. You will like it here.
Greetings Celtic, anyone that meets our members in chat and stays on MUST be dedicated, lol. Glad you joined up, and looking forward to having you with us.
Glad you found this forum.
Hi and welcome to the madness. And you're right, we are all pretty freaky here!
Hey Celtic! From a former Buckeye....welcome...I'm new here to, and am blown away by how actice this forum is....lots of fun! As for the haunting, Imagination is the most important part....just get a start and go with it!
Hey Celtic... I too met ya in chat... Great to have another ohio member!!! :D
Welcome. I haven't met you in chat....yet...but I'm sure I will. This place is very addicting and the ideas are amazing.
Hello! Welcome!!
Howldy and welcome
Hello....Hope to run into you again.
Howdy Celtic! Welcome to the fun!!
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