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Hello Haunters!

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Just wanted to introduce myself. We do a yard haunt every year in the suburbs south of DC (Springfield). It's such a great time! Last year was our biggest haunt and first time doing it on a day other than Halloween. This year we are back to Halloween and smaller (just in size, not in scares)! Got lots to do still - can't wait! (sorry no signature yet)
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Welcome! :devil:
Hello and welcome!
Welcome Moya, just in time for the big day! Best of luck with the haunt this year.
Nice to meet ya, Moya. Welcome, welcome!
Howdy and Welcome to the Forum
welcome moya55 :D
Welcome to Hell! Wait that didn't come out right...
Welcome to your fate!...no wait, that wasn't right either.
Hi! Welcome to it! ...(sigh)..that sucked.

Wait! Don't go! Give me just one more chanc..................
Welcome to the madness!
Welcome to nothing but unbridled fun! :jol:
Welcome moya55. Enjoy your stay!!!!
Greetings and Welcome! :devil:
Hi and welcome! Things have been pretty crazy around here.
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