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Help on power supply

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I got my hands on 2 Boris talking skulls. One,is wired for a transformer and has a jack to adapt to an outside sound feed. The other is powered by 6 AA batteries and has a Microbone.

I am electronically challenged ,but I think I can adapt the Microbone to an adaptor for using outside sound.

I have never learned or tried doing anything electronic so adapting the power supply by making my own circuit board scares the boo out of me.

While I was looking at the set up I wondered.....AND HERE IS MY QUESTION FOR ALL YOU ELECTRONIC WIZARDS>>>>:confused:

Can I take the in and out wires off the battery pack and just put a 9 volt adaptor to accept a transformer and use the eletonics already installed in the skull to operate it?

This seems like it would work but I do not want to fry the unit if I can help it.
Any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks!:D
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Thanks Otaku!
You said...."You need to check the voltage of the battery pack before wiring in wall wart."
Can I just put a meter on these same out going wires and read thier out put? Is it that simple?:confused:
Thank you , so much Otaku,for your input.:D
I found an MP3 of 2 joking skells and have 2 oscillating fans in the garage.
This year I am going to build a creepy stage and set up the skells as dead comics.This electronics was the hardest part for me.
Baby steps...maybe after this I can move to something a litle more complicated.
You just helped make it alot easier. I love this forum because of the help one can get from people like you.:cool: Thanks ,so much again.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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