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Help w/ Pillars?

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Here's my situation...I carved a welcome sign from styrofoam and painted with a faux stone finish.

Hawks Hill Sign :: Hawks Hill sign - Painted picture by hawkshillhaunter - Photobucket

This was to stand up high on posts at the corner of my yard but because of the shape and stone finish I'm thinking it would make more sense to be lower to the ground.

Here's a similar idea of what I want to do: http://www.shorebreeze.com/photos/SH-Sign_small.jpg OR: http://www.thestonecenter.com/images/sign_sm.gif

but the sign would actually attach to the pillars at the sides and the pillars themselves would be much wider to look unified with the sign. The sign is about 3.5ft wide x 1.5ft tall - i'd like the pillars to be at least 4.5-5ft tall so the sign itself is up off the ground by about a foot and still have room for the pillars to come up higher than the sign. I want it to be a strong focal point in my yard.

Any suggestions on the cheap/lightweight/easy-to-store way of building the pillars? I need to be able to take it apart so the sign itself can be stored alone to protect it. help?
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I wonder if there's a way I could use this idea but make the pillars more square????

Go to a U-haul, or other, moving supply store. Buy the "lamp" packing boxes, which are tall and only about 12 to 14 inches per side, square. Attach two together vertically, like someone mentioned above with the cement forms. You can cut the top one if needed to make the pillar the "perfect" height. Then cover with styro sheet and carve away! This is how my cemetery corner posts were made for Dreadnight Cemetery.
HHH, if I understand what you're proposing, you want your sign to "bridge" across two pillars that people will walk thru like an entry? If so, I'd put a square plywood cap on each pillar, cut to fit. Then use a metal "L" bracket and wood screws to attach your sign to the plywood cap on each side. I'd be a little concerned about wind catching the sign, since the pillars are lightweight. So - you may need to come up with a plan to use rebar on the inside of the pillars to fix them to the ground (like a piece of rebar at each corner of the inside of the pillar, then slide the pillar down over it).
By the way, that sign looks fantastic
Went back and read your thread starter again. OK, you want the sign hung between the pillars, not sitting on top. I'd still do the same thing with the plywood caps, but use a piece of straight metal bracket that is screwed into your plywood backing on the sign, then screws into the pillar cap. Your sign will be flush with the top of the pillar. You sill still need to use the rebar or some idea of your own to firmly set the pillars in place. Good Luck!
1 - 4 of 32 Posts
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