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Help with a Stalkaround

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I'm working on a stalkaround for next year. I have the head mechanism worked out thanks to some good work already done by a number of folks on another forum.

I'm using a speaker mount for the head action connected to an old helmet I had laying around. It's all supported by a back pack frame. My digital camera is on the fritz or else I would have pictures and this would all make sense.

My question is, has anyone here worked on these before? If so, what should I use for the front? I've been thinking about chicken wire with a layer of foam over top (of course cutting out a hole for vision). I'm wondering if this is going to be too hot.

Any ideas from you all would be greatly appreciated. I hope to have some pictures soon.

Here's a link to the type of prop I'm talking about: http://www.exmortis.com/stalkarounds.html
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LewLew I have no idea how to go about it but I looked at the link you provided and those are awesome but so expensive. I will be very interested in seeing your finished product. Good luck!
I'm planning on trying one of these this year, also, but I haven't even had a chance to start. Your design sounds pretty similar to mine, with the helmet and backpack rig. For the front, I was going to attempt some sort of scrim fabric--you know, one of those somewhat sheer fabrics that, front-lit, looks totally opaque, and back-lit is see through. No idea how well it will work yet, though, as I haven't tried it.

I'm really excited to see what you do with this, though. :) We'll have to swap pics!
So far I have about $30 invested in it. Mostly for the head, pvc for the arms, and some hardware. I'm going to use some sort of scrim for the front as well. But I will also have some sort of shield or covering in front of me to flesh the prop out. I'll cut a hole through that for my vision.

I did a test the other night and have pretty good head movement up and down as well as turning left and right.

I have a new camera on order so hopefully I will have some pics soon!
Did you ever think about the polyfoam that they used for puppets?
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