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Help With Blue Foam!

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well my dad came home from work with a big present for me from his work. 2 great thick peaces of blue foam. I have never used this stuff before and am wondering what kind of paint to use on this foam?

p.s. lol i have go to tell you guys about what im making anyway lol. WAell as you may have read in other posts I have officially named my haunt "Sutherland Manor" and this sign, i guess you could call it, will be at the entrance to our yard haunt and hopefully will attract more people to come to my haunt.
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thank so much! yah i was wondering about the whole spray paint thing ive heard that before and dint want to "test" it on my first time building a foam prop.
So yah i after ,my last blue foam disaster i was wondering what people use to cut and carve the foam. Any sugestions would be greatly appreciated. (lol just to state the obviouse im not to good with blue foam)
Awsome thanx ZF.lol i have naother question. What kind of sand paper should i use to make thinks finer (or shoudl i even be using sand paper lol).
Well i was thiking of trying to make a torso kinda thing with the rib bones kind of showing. I'm trying to go about making the bones shape kind of sticke out even though im going to corpse it over after.

Oh and HY i think ill try that for my tombstones! That sounds great!
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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