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Almost done with Death! Problem is, what does he say when he launches out of the crypt surrounded by smoke..
I have tryed, and my wife DOES NOT LIKE any of the following

You have been choosen!
Give me your Soul!
Iv'e come for you!
You will come with me now
Your soul is mine
I've come to collect

Any one got any other ideas? Has to be 5 seconds max or I have to go get a different redorder (not a real problem if I have to) because the one I have for this prop stop when the triger circuit is opened and he goes back down. The other unit that Radio Shack has will paly to the end of the recording... The more I think about it, fading laughter would be good as he lays back down.. guess I going to Radio Shack at lunch time.. 5-8 seonds would work..
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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