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Here's another big welcome for randyaz!

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Hey buddy, nice try!
Now everyone knows you're here!!
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Welcome Randy
Wow, we're getting all the (other) HF.com's peeps now! Welcome aboard randyaz. You're electronic expertise will be very welcome here. :D
Yup. People are moving over since they can't get to HF.
BTW - I told a few people to come on over :)
Welcome to forum. Watch your step. I have not cleaned in while.
Wow, the bus has arrived and everyone is getting off on the dark side of the street. Welcome randyaz. I could use some electrical expertise!
Welcome to the place formerly known as the street!
Rrrrrrrrandy! Welcome!!
Welcome to the street... I hope you're enjoying your time here.
Been absent for awhile, lot's of catching up to do .. but welcome :D
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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