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Hey im new!

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Hello, i'm Dallas. I'm a newbie here, and already love it! I love writing horror stories, and reading horror stories. I hope to get one published someday. Very big fan of the Halloween movie series, and Friday The 13th. If anyone wants to know more, or just talk, pm me. I have yahoo and msn messenger, my handles are in my profile.
Writer 93 :jol:
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Welcome aboard, I think you'll find this place quit interesteing!
Howdy Writer93 (Dallas) - good to meet you. I'm sure you'll find tons of inspiration here, I know I do.
Hi writer93 and welcome.
Hello and welcome!
As a fellow writer, let me give you a very warm welcome to the board. :D :jol:
Thats cool on the writing ..maybe someday you can give us an excerpt from something. welcome to the land of haunt
Welcome Writer, hope to read some of your stories sometime. No need for us to come looking for you to chat, please feel free to join us here in the forum's chat room any day or night. There's almost always someone in there.
Hello and welcome to the boards.I hope you love this place as much as I do
Welcome to the forum. Whole lot to write about around here. Have fun.
Hey writer, welcome to the forums!
Hello, would love to read some of your work.
Thanks guys and gals! I'm working on a story now, and it is nearly finished. I have to edit it though, and re write it. That may take a little while, but not very long. I'l keep yall posted!
Dallas ( Writer93 )
Welcome to the Forums :devil:
We met in chat last night. :> Greetings and Velcome! :> Hope you like your new Home! :> Would love to read some of your work! :>
welcome! :jol:
I agree with DoD - slap a copyright notice on a piece and let us read it! I think that is really cool that you like writing horror stories.
Hi Dallas! Welcome!
I wanna read one of these stories you write!
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