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Hey there,

New member here, was bored on this warm saturday afternoon (now evening) looking up how to improve or make a better fog cooling unit, and after two hours I am still somewhat confused. My got fog chiller doesn't work as well as I would like! So I am looking to do something new.

Anyway, I am 22 from California. I have loved halloween since I was a child. I do have a site, although the code is crappy and does not utilize my current css skills. So I plan to redo it massivly this year with w3c validation I hope! :) and again wayyy better CSS. Anyway my site is http://www.oct31st.org. :jol:

The last 10 years or so I have really gotten into Halloween as far as decorating my house, 3 pumpkins turned to 5, than 10, than to 13. I am planning some year to go insane and carve wayyy to many for my own good. I have often wondered if I should use funkins and carve an insane amount. Of course there is nothing like the smell a pumpkin though!! I actually am growing my own very first pumpkins this year, attempting to! heh. My mom told me we did when I was little but I seemed to have forgotten!

I am very much looking foward to Halloween season this year, I mean in my heart Halloween is always 24-7 of course. I think about it often..I think it drives some people around me crazy but too bad for them eh? Looking foward to speaking with all of you here on the forum, A large halloween community sounds wonderful to me.
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Hi and welcome to the site, Glad to have you here, I like your site. You have alot of infromation to offer. Let us know how your punpkins turn out, mine always ripen to soon. One year I had a pumpkin for the fourth of July!
Welcome to the forum. You will have a great time here. Good luck with the pumpkins.
Welcome to the forum, lots of great people here with great ideas and talent.
Fog chillers never quite seem to live up to our expectaions.
Wind and too cold of an ambient temperature are the chiller's worst enemy.

This forum is your new best friend. :D Welcome aboard.
Glad to see you here and welcome.
welcome 10-31
I'm sure you will get some answers here.
Sorry I missed saying welcome....by like a few weeks....oops!
Hope you get back to the forum soon!
Halloween is creeping back upon us!
Hey good thing i did, i got some great info on making your own fog chiller here. http://www.hauntforum.com/showthread.php?t=6880 Frightzone helped me find lots of ways to do it. And answered all my questions. I hope you like it here. I liked your site and as for your pumpkins, you could always do some of your more elaborate designs on the fumpkins and do some basics out of real ones, that way you get cool designs you dont have to labor over again and again...coupled with the great smell of real pumpkins. The people here are great for answering questions or bouncing ideas off of.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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