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Hi, I new to the forum.

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Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum. I've spent all day reading tons of post. So now ya'll have to come over and help me clean house before my husband gets home. lol

I don't do a big neighborhood haunt as most of ya'll do. I do a family & friends party instead. I've been doing it for about 5 years. I turn my living room into a small haunted house. Each year it seems to grow bigger along with guests list...lol But I love it!

Halloween is my hobby, But I'm just starting to make my own props. I'm already learning things from this forum, someday I hope to be teaching and giving back...

Just so you know Vlad told me to come here. I won't tell you what he said about ya'll... LOL ............ Just kidding, it's all good!!
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Hey Nature , you finally made it here..bout time.
Lots more activity and good stuff here.
Greetings and Velcome Naturepixie! Oh boy, what ever Vlad said about me is definitely not true! :> Unless its all good, then you can believe it! LOL :devil: Hope you like your new home! This place is addictive! :>
welcome to one of the best place's to learn all u need to haunt those kidies...hope u find all your hobby needs....
Welcome to this ever growing and demented family. :jol:
Welcome to the forum, miss Pixie.

Y'all are going to like it.
Welcome aboard. You'll find a virtual WEALTH of information here. Feel free to make use of it and to ask questions if you're ever stuck with something you need help with. We're all very helpful. :D
Hi and welcome. Family and friends parties are good. Lots of ideas here.
Hiya! Welcome!!
Welcome nice to see ya over here. You are definitly in the right place to expand your knowledge and grow your darkness.

Never tell anyone that VLad sent you... HE HE
Welcome home NP. See, I told you they're all friendly here, except maybe Trishaanne (heehee). thanks for signing on, for every new member I bring in, Zombie lets me stay another month!
Hello and welcome!
Hi Pixie,
Nice to see you here. You're going to love it. Lots of friendly peeps with a lot of talent. This board is very busy, too. You can always count on an answer to a question, and you'll never see a spam here. These mods and Zombie's forum software rock! Welcome!
Welcome to the forum Naturepixie. No matter how you can celebrate Halloween by all means do it.
Welcome....nice to meet you. Pay no attention at all to what Vlad says...it's all lies....lies I tell ya!!!! If you listen to him you'll end up as corrupted, sick and twisted as the rest of us. Good job Vlad.....look at the monster's you've created in here!! :zombie:

Anyway, nice meeting you. Be sure to take pics of your party and post them. This way we can all see and steal, er, um, I mean borrow some of your ideas! :D
Thanks for the welcome ya'll, it's nice to be here. Sorry to say Trishaanne, but I'll be borrowing from you guys for a bit. I have a lot to learn. And when I share anything it's going to be something ya'll taught me. LOL
So ya'll teach me well.
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