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Hi, Im a closet halloween junkie.....

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Im new to this forum. I've been working on my halloween props now for 4 years. My wife, family and neighbors dont understand why I transform the front yard into a halloween horror show. I'm glad to be here. My I learn from the best and mentor the up and coming.
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Hi there Morgan,
I'm new too. Just in time for this year's festivities on here.I have learned lots just this week on here and having fun too.

Ya buildin' anything at the moment?
Welcome aboard.... both of ya! :jol:
You have definitly found a cool hang out to feed you obsession!
Welcome aboard!
Well, hello and welcome! Step on out of the broom closet and enjoy the Hallowe'en spirit around here!
Nice to meet you Morgan and welcome home.
I'm glad you're out of the closet and on the forum Morgan. I think you will like it here.
Welcome morgan...hope you love it here as much as the rest of us. Post some pics of ur haunt when you get a chance.
Welcome Morgan.
Nice to see you've come outa the closet. hee hee
Howdy Morgan - you'll have no problems finding folks who are willing to help you at the drop of a hat - it's amazing. Enjoy. Hope to see some of your haunt sometime.
Thanks Zombie,
Didn't notice your post earlier, oops.
Thanks for making me feel welcome

Thank you everyone for the great welcome. Hope I can be of some help and learn from your experiences.
Greetings and Velcome Home Morgan! We met last nite in Chat..... remember? :devil: Hope you like it here! Feel free to scream if you need anything! :>
Greetings, Morgan. Welcome to the home of the Halloween obsessed!
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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