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Hi old new guy here

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Found this forum and did some lurking.
Noticed alot of names I recognized from the halloween forum.

so just wanted to check in and say hi.
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There's a name I know :D Welcome Marksin.
Welcome to my little slice of evil on the 'net! :devil: :voorhees: :xbones: :jol:
Thanks zombie,
Nice work, I like the topic format,and the color scheme is great.
Welcome Marksin. Zombie-F has indeed built a nice place here.
Thanks for the welcome.
pretty active here.
Hi Trishaanne
Thank you for the welcome.
Ahhhh, Marksin. I know the name well. Welcome to Hauntforum.
Welcome to the Street Marksin, good to have ya here.
Hola! Welcome!
Hey Deathtouch
hi claymud and sinister.
Hi and welcome old or new brain to pick
Thanks Hellrazor,
It depends on which one I
put in that day, old or new brain .
WooHoo!! Marksin's here!

Glad you joined!

I just squeaked in myself...this is looking like a pretty fun group!
Hi, Marksin! Nice to see you around here...welcome to HauntForum!
Hi Marksin, glad to see you here as well.
Hey joe and grapegirl,
How long has this forum been around, has alot of veterans here.
Welcome Marksin, enter into the dark side of the street.
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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