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Hologram Fans: Have you seen them? Would you like safer/cheaper alternatives?

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Hologram Fans: Have you seen them, would a Safer Alternative be wanted by haunters/decorators? It's Jon Hyers here, Outrageous Media [my company founded Video Decor, Virtual FX in 1998 officially, with our first Virtual Santa videos sold in 1990]. Recently I have seen these hologram fans and INDEED COOL. If you do not know what these are, google search "hologram fan" and you will find lots of them for sale, and youtubes showing them in operation. They make an image by spinning-fast plastic/metal bars with LEDs and form the image as they spin. They will give you an image, similar to a Peppers Ghost Reflection [if you do not know what this is, google it, and you will understand]....using window glass to reflect an object, image, or TV into view, superimposed over the room behind. The best method I know of for a ghost superimposed live, apparently in the air.

Had I invented this Hologram Fan, my first concern would be..."what if you walk into the side of these?" ANSWER: You would get hit, injured, and a larger unit could kill you. just like walking into an uncovered metal Fan. Are any of you concerned by that? Indeed, you can isolate it with barriers, and you would be fine. A few other questions.

Idea#1: If you are concerned by this danger, would you be interested in seeing my company Develop an alternative product that could work on the Peppers ghost principle and work with a Flat Screen TV???

Idea#2: These fans are pricy. I did a few hours of research, and to get a 65 inch size image width [aka 65 inch TV picture] the cost is around $4000.00, 48 inch ones were around $2000. That's lot of money. So...last week, I got an idea after viewing the hologram fans and liking their result - I made a "Hologram Fan" type device that was 48 inches, worked in superimposing the image from a flat screen TV, just the same, and it cost me only $100.00 in parts!!!!! That's $100 [parts] up against $2000, ready to use. So....would you be interested in seeing me develop my idea into a product that was a Quick to assemble Kit??? Any idea like this takes investment, so I pose the question to you and I will see what answers I get, before I get going on it.

Personally I am quite comfortable to sell my many video fx, consult, and produce commercial videos as I do, but I also like creating. Every year I test a totally new, video fx method [many for filmmakers]. I'd be game to try making some of these, give me some feedback. Note: I won't answer how I did or would do any of these, but I would like to know if 1 or 2 is desired. Thanks Jon Hyers, Outrageous Media and hyersdigitalvideo.
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if they worked outdoors, id be interested in as many as 3. It would be way more cool than using a sheer type of material or a screen similar to the one Atmos FX sells. Im in the PNW where most Halloween seasons are WET so, thats a major concern.
I would be interested in option #2. Photos or a video of a prototype in action under dim/no light would be very helpful for myself & perhaps others. Thank-you.
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